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Buying from a small company

Jul 11, 2011

    1. I'm sure that I saw a thread about this somewhere, but I haven't been able to locate it (please re-direct me if you know of its whereabouts). I am now considering buying a little doll that I've completely fallen in love with from Elvindoll, who are a new, small company. I was wondering what everyone thinks about buying from small companies, and if anyone would like to share their good/ bad experiences.

      Thanks so much XD
    2. I dont have any experiences but buying from a newer smaller company does have some risks... After all since they dont have much backing you dont know what will happen if the company runs into trouble or your order is messed up... Of course i think its great that you would order from a smaller company. Sometimes your dream doll is hiding in a smaller unknown company.
    3. Houshi has a good point - a lot of companies that are well-known today were once small and unknown until someone took a chance on them and spread the word!
    4. I don't know from personal experience but I would say....
      PRO - new company = new stuff = new possibilities = usually good prices
      CON - since it is new there is no feedback for you to go off of. Is the resin good? How is the shipping? Do they respond to messages?
    5. Thanks guys XD
      They have a site and sell on eBay and have 2 feedback there which are both good. I have asked the seller lots of questions and she has responded quickly each time. She says the doll poses like any other BJD and her doll is just the cutest thing ever!! Do you think I should go for it? Xx
    6. I think the small company is not as bad as I thought, I mean at least there are 2 feedbacks and they are good ones as well n___n I do agree with what the others comment on the company and personally I think what makes a big company starts from a small company as well n___<
    7. You can always double check in the DoA list to see which eBay sellers are banned or known for selling fakes/copies/etc.
    8. With the possible exception of Volks, all bjd companies are small. Elfdoll has three employees, Dream of Doll (last I heard), 3 people, etc. This isn't a field where large companies are required.
    9. I have dolls from several very small companies (some are just one person). I've been very happy with my dolls and would buy from them again.
    10. I've not heard of Elvindoll and a search on Google hasn't turned anything up about the company or their eBay shop. Do you have a link for them? If they're new they'll probably appreciate the namedrop :)

      What you could also do is get in contact with the two people who left feedback on eBay and ask them about their dolls? If they're happy or unhappy with their purchase I'm sure they'd be pleased to pass on what they know provided you ask nicely :)
    11. With new companies, they are already taking a bold step into a new world. One would think that if they're hoping to do well in this market they need to have a competitive edge. That would mean making a good first impression.

      Having started a company myself and releasing our first product we made sure that it was polished, reasonably priced and tried our best to make a good first impression on our customers.
    12. I took a chance when Impldoll was still very unknown, and was extremely pleased with the service and quality of doll I received. My first doll was purchased back when the company was still obscure, and I had no issues there either. I suppose on the whole I'm a fan of trying out new companies if I like the look of what they're offering. The more support can be drummed up for them, the better the chances that they'll produce more products. :)
    13. I would suggest a title change from "buying from a small company" to "buying from a new and small company", since it seems that you are talking about both rather than just a small company which I think is entirely different (my defininition of small is any company that only produces in ordering periods, small quantity limited releases, or produces heads only; like Migidoll or ANother Secret).

      After a couple of people on this forum take a leap and give a positive report on a company I think it becomes fairly safe. Since DoA is not the entire BJD community there are always more people who have bought from them and if it is a scam someone from the originating company usually reports it here. That's not to say that the company will be 100% safe, but I would personally feel a lot more comfortable knowing that someone who I see around the forum alot, especially a Mod or Virtue, has successfully purchased from a company.
    14. I believe she means elfinDoll by scozi
      that's the promotion thread on DOA http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?454946-elfiNDOLL-Tiny-BJD-Mayo
    15. Well, all companies start out small, they can't become big unless the buyers are willing to take a chance on them. If you like the doll, give them a shot. :)
    16. Thank you so much guys, you've all been so wonderful and helpful XD
      Yes, I meant elfin doll by Scozi. I just love her little Mayo XD
    17. everybody was a small unknown company at first. I remember when Luts was virtually unknown. scams and business implosions from the actual company seems to be rare. It's just such a huge deal when it DOES happen that it seems to happen more often than it actually does.

      I'm curious about the company now too since i hadn't heard of it before. o.o
    18. Thank you so much guys, I didn't realise how small most companies are! I sure will take a chance on them as soon as I can :)
    19. I bought from DreamHigh Studio for their first release, Bunko. He is totally amazing :) I think they made a good choice selling through Luxor Academy though, an already-established reseller. I have also bought from Lumedoll who are a small American company - another wonderful experience and beautiful doll!
    20. Thanks guys :)She is home now!! I love her! I'll post pics soon!You've all been so wonderful in helping me :) x