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Buying from Sunrise Dolls is SUPER! (Feedback)

May 26, 2006

    1. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I am looking for advice. I WANT the Kai from AR and they are taking pre orders for him. Are they good? Slow? Non communicative? Or, are they wonderful, fast and there when you need to talk to them? Just a short comment on YOUR personal dealings is all I need, thanks!
    2. I bought a NaBee from them a while ago and everything went smoothly. I had no problems and it didn't take forever. I just emailed them the other day and they answered me the same day. Hope that helps.
    3. I ordered my Tiffee through them and it was easy as could be. Here's a brief thread in the Marketplace feedback forum, too.

      Checkout was easy, and I got a quick response when I had a question. I'd absolutely buy from them again with confidence.
    4. I can't say enough nice things about Sunrise!! Janis always answers e-mails promptly, and she really works hard to make sure her clients are happy. And she's got layaway, which is either really great or really dangerous, depending on how you look at it. :)
    5. Another thumbs up for Janis. She is great to deal with and works with you, even as far as switching from CC to PayPal and back if you need to... I don't know how she keeps it all straight but she does. Her layaway policy is very generous. (Unfortunately.)

      Her in stock things ship really quickly, and you get to chose how you would like them shipped.

      I think her AR stuff usually comes through pretty quickly.
    6. Yet another enthusiastic recommendation for Janis/Sunrise Dolls--she's wonderful to deal with, *very* professional, and very nice, too. I've been buying various kinds of dolls from her for three years now, and I've never had even a whisper of a hint of any confusion or problem with an order.
    7. i think they are great!
      i have bought 5 dolls from them and several wigs
      All transactions have been smooth and Janis keeps in contact and replies very quickly too.
    8. I bought my Miryu from Janis at Sunrise. She was excellent!!!

      Very patient, quick to respond, excellent customer service. I'd reccomend her to just about anyone wanting a new doll.

      I think I bugged her to death though because Souldoll was slow to ship ^_^''
    9. WOW! I am thoroughly convinced, and will definitely get my Kai from her. I want to thank EVERYONE who chimed in. I had a feeling she was OK, but with all the trouble here lately with sellers, I wanted to be sure. Many humble thanks!