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Buying/Keeping items on you that remind you of your dolls?

Jun 27, 2011

    1. As usual, please delete if this has been posted already~

      The other day I was in a store and saw a variety of bracelets, and one stood out to me because it had the same color scheme as my Soom Amber! I decided to buy it, because when I look at it I would be reminded of her. It's like she could be with me when I wasn't home. I was just wondering if this ever happened to anyone else, where you've seen something and wanted to buy it for yourself because it reminded you of your doll. Does anybody else wear something or keep something on them (even a photo in your wallet) so when you look at it you think of your doll? I'm very curious!
    2. The only thing I do like that is usually the wallpaper on my phone is a camera phone pic of one of my BJDs. :) When I buy things that make me think of my dolls, that's usually props or other items I could use with them.
    3. Same for me too. The wallpaper on my phone is a picture of my bjds. There are also a bunch more pictures of them in the phone's album too. They don't currently wear anything or have any particular color scheme that would look nice as a small accessory and the like.
    4. Thanks for the reply timid and nbluju! I do have pictures on my cell phone as well, though not as a background. Maybe when I get some better shots I'll have a BJD background as well :)
    5. I used to keep a photo of my doll on my mp3 player, just to have. ^^ As for shopping, sometimes I'll look at something and be reminded of a doll, but I rarely buy them. I definitely keep items that belonged to dolls I used to own, because I still like their characters so I like to be reminded of them.
    6. Yeah, I just realized I have my phone's wallpaper set to show one one of my dolls' pics all the time.
    7. LOL I am happy I'm not the only one who does this XDD I do buy things that remind me of not just the dolls, but the characters they represent. Mostly in green and purple. I am an earring freak and I will buy the same pairs in both colors so I can wear one of each...I have a green bracelet and a purple one mixed in among the black that I always wear....I'm all about supporting my boy in spirit and color XD
    8. I guess I kind of did this in reverse? I named my first doll after my truck. So now, whenever I'm zipping out to run errands or go to work or whatever, I'm reminded of Henrietta in a fairly obvious way. Once or twice, after a particularly harrowing commute, I've come home to pat Henrietta (the doll) on the head for getting me home nice and safe.

      Other than that, I don't see a lot of things that remind me of my dolls. Other than doll clothes/wigs/eyes and so forth, obviously. If I did find something, like a piece of jewelry or clothes or whatever, i'd probably not buy it. That being said, having pictures on the phone is a fantastic idea.
    9. I think that if I ever had to sell a doll, I would be like you, scarlet. I would want to keep at least one thing so I could still have part of that doll <3 Also thank you for sharing Rosslyn, cell phone and MP3 pictures seem to be quite popular!

      Just wait, now I'll be wearing earrings that represent my characters too, VampireAngel lol. I have actually done that before, but it wasn't related to BJDs. I was going through my earring stash and mixed a black and (fake XD) diamond that remined me of a story I was working on. Thanks for reminding me!

      That's really interesting lessyface! Thanks for sharing your story, I enjoy hearing of ways people keep their doll in their thoughts and that is definitely a unique way!
    10. Haha glad I'm not the only one who has a doll pic on my phone... :whee:
    11. Yes, if they like something suddenly I love it too, like one of my current dolls love frogs, so now I have too many frog items! xD
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    12. I had pictures on my iPod for a time; only recently have I changed it because I'm not using my iPod at all now except for watching videos...

      But at the same time, I like that idea of buying something, like a bracelet that fits the color scheme; it's cute!
    13. I got a bunch of people shaped charms that I'm going to paint up as teeny weeny versions of my dolls. The only problem will be when there's too many for a bracelet.
    14. Weirdly enough, kind of.
      I have a matching bracelet with Lorrie, orange beads. Also Griffin and Kit both have one blue studded earring in their left ear, I do aswell lol Totally doesn't match the black star I have on my right ear though! :lol: My girls also have blue studded earrings. I guess it was a little secret between us, no one else knew 'til now.

      I didn't really think about it all that much until this question! I just kinda did it.
    15. I have done the exact opposite. I sometimes take dolls or things for my dolls that remind me my family or dear friends or myself ...