Buying props for your 50cm doll

Jun 22, 2018

    1. (I’m not sure if this is in the right place or not, I was indecisive whether to put this in doll discussion or just general, so if this isn’t supposed to be here my apologies!)

      I have two Souldoll Vito kids who are 50 cm tall and want to create a little diorama for them.
      I looked through lots of website and apart from custom sizing, there are normally size 1/4 and 1/3 offerred for props, furniture, accessories and etc.
      I was so sure to get props and furniture as a 1/3 size so they can be shared with my 60 cm kids too. However last month, I visited a local BJD store and found exactly the same prop I have it bookmarked on the website that I planned on buying later, and the actual item seems to be WAY too big for my dolls.

      I now have to rethink again about the size of all the props I was going to buy. It’s true that buying 1/3 props worth more in terms of usage since I can use it with other 60 cm doll, but I’m creating a diorama and probably not moving the props much anyway, plus the setting of their characters are different. To conclude, my priority is with the 50 cm kids, not 60, but I’m still afraid 1/4 props maybe too small for them.

      So I’m curious how everyone made their decision about buying props for 50 cm doll!
      Photos are welcome as well ; )

      Thank you!
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    2. Wow, that is a very interesting idea. I don't have a doll yet but if i were to give her props, I MIGHT make one. Anyway, I hope the other BJD lovers here an give you better advice :)
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    3. I made furniture for my 46.5 - 49.5cm Iplehouse fashion dolls. It was much easier than finding ready-made furniture in the right scale.

      If you don't want to make your own, 1:4 scale is much better for fashion-size dolls than 1:3, and not all of it will look too small. If you have access to it, American Girl, Target's "Our Generation," and WalMart's "My Life As" props and dioramas can be the right size, and you can find them in person a lot more easily to try them out (if you live in the US). If you have a ToysRUs nearby, look for the "JourneyGirl" sets - those are going to be hugely discounted now too. I found accessories in a local 18-inch-doll store made by Sophia's that also work. Take a doll hand with you. :D Look for props for 18" dolls.

      Otherwise, keep an open mind and always be on the lookout. I found erasers in Daiso Japan that made great food and guns for fashion-size dolls. There are similar erasers and tiny food props in all those blind boxes I'm seeing lately in bookstores, but those are a real gamble and an easy way to lose money.

      Here's some photos -

      The redhead has Sophia's ice cream cones. The brunette has a Re-Ment ice cream out of a blind box.
      [​IMG]Sorry for Eating Your Ice Cream by Saphariel, on Flickr

      A JourneyGirl set with dolls inside
      An American Girl food/accessory set
      A booklight, eraser teacup, and jewelry box drawers (?) from Daiso plus books from My Miniature Library
      A gun eraser from Daiso Japan
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    4. Props make your photo shooting looks so much better!
      I prefer for my doll to have something to interact with more than just taking their photos alone. I’ve posted my photo shoot once >here< and an amateur photographer like me won’t get such photos without the help from props!
      If you ever get your first doll and want to photograph them definitely to take them with props as well!! <3

      Oh my god, thank you so much for all these I cannot thank you enough :love
      I’m always for the look out for things I could use as a prop for my doll in any store (also the gun erasers) but thought all the toy stuffs looks too fake for the dolls.
      But having seen your photo surprises me! They actually look much much better than I thought!! They don’t seems off at all! I’ll try them later! Thank you so much once again I appreciated everything from your post :atremblin<3
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    5. A lot of American girl props are really a very good size. I’ve co-opted most of the props I have from American girl and while the tables may be a little large, it shouldn’t be too much. Plus American girl stuff will also work for 60cm dolls.
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    6. My 55 cm girl is supposed to be short and delicate compared to my 60-65 cm dolls. So using regular 1/3 scale props simply preserves the illusion that she is shorter than usual.
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    7. I haven’t really seen American girls in my loca store :sweat but there are bunches of toys shops around I’ll definitely have a look. Thank you so much!!

      I see! But does that mean in spite all that you prefer your 55 cm girl to have 1/3 furniture than 1/4?
    8. @yumenomisu yes. She is a short, 1/3 scale girl, not a huge 1/4 scale girl.
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