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Buying second hand

Feb 21, 2005

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    1. This is a point I've seen made several times...."It's a second hand doll."

      I don't look at these dolls as "second hand" at all, more like twice loved. ^^
      If the doll is well taken care of, and it had not been dropped or broken; then how can it be second hand?

      Maybe I'm silly, but I don't count my grandmother's German BJD as third hand, she very well loved, and taken care of. ^^

      To think, you're going to get a break on the cost of the doll because someone has owned it before is not accurate in most cases. (Not that I'm thinking these are an investment, but they do hold their prices pretty well.) And the off production dolls, whether owned before or not, will be expensive in the future.

      So, in summation, can we call them twice loved? ^^ .....Please.^^
    2. I like it too when people say something like "up for adoption" or "looking for a good new home." It's just nice. :grin:

      This was a sweet post. It made me smile on an otherwise pretty crummy Monday at work. :grin:
    3. you are right.

      it's because they are hard material, it's not like they will pick up smells or anything like that.

      they should keep their value well, but they do alright. I was suprised when I was new to bjds how similar the price is of a 'twice loved' (love the expression!) and a new doll, but it makes sense
    4. I wish I could find a twice loved Delf El Elf. I just know that over time his price is going to spiral upwards. :oops:
    5. I think all pretty dollies should be "put up for adoption" rather than sold. I used to "adopt" my stuffed animails out...rather than sell them. Its just kinder that way you know? :grin:
    6. *****n/a*****
    7. One thing I love about this doll community, is people look for second hand before going brand new. A doll will NOT loose value immediatly after it's purchased, if anything they increase in value as the old models become harder to find-- on the condition, of course, there are no major damages. Customized dolls are worth more than those direct from the manufacterer.

      I prefer getting things from the marketplace, rather than ordering from a company or haunting ebay. Buying things from the board is a much more pleasant expirience, and I notice that others will look to sell or buy here before resorting to ebay.
    8. I have always got a chuckle out of the "used" designation on Y!J for all the same reasons!
    9. I can't see a doll from another person as "second hand". I suppose that my mind just don't put BJDs in the same box than collectible toys or other kind of stuff. I feel weird when I read "mint" or "MIB" related to a ball-jointed doll; I'm used to these terms in other communities where the mint-in-box is a value, but not in the BJD community -I don't know if this make sense :oops:
    10. I bought Ichigo used, and I like that he had some history before me. I was a little daunted by mentions in his auction listing of amateur shaving and such, but with a bit more professional refinement I am now glad that he was modified because it makes him unique.

      Even though I know selling stuff as 'junk' is just the Japanese equivalent of selling 'as is', it still bothers me to see really pretty dolls sold as junk.

      And although some companies (Luts & DoD come to mind) have great default faceups, most don't. Whenever I see an MIB doll with nothing special done to it, I usually just think, 'how boring...'
    11. Yah, I look at some of the "mint BJD" auctions on ebay and think "boring old standard face-up". When you get a pre-owned doll, you are getting more than an NRFB.
    12. The only time I would be concerned about buying a "twice-loved" doll is if s/he came from a smoker's home. (Please smokers, don't throw rotten tomatoes in my direction; I mean you no harm.) I'm allergic to ciggy smell. And more importantly, I've read it causes yellowing of the resin..
    13. Same here. I have a lot of allergies, and smoke is one of them.

      I agree with you as well, Niomi. I don't think I could have written it better myself ^_^
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    14. Ohh yess.. I was pretty thrown when I started reading the "junk" bit in the Yahoo auctions... I thought.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo THAT is NOT junk... he is beautiful!!!! How could you call a beautiful creature junk??? But now I understand the term... still makes me cringe...And I find it very hard to bid on an auction that says "junk".. I wonder if there is unseen damage etc.

      And I agree.. most of the "striaght from manufacturer" face up ARE pretty basic/boring when compared to say Robins Egg and Sarin etc etc - so in theory "2nd hand".. could mean the item costs MORE not less.And it is wonderful that these dolls dont drop dramatically in re-sale value the minute they are purchased... that is NOT normal in the doll world. And I also agree.. if someone says MIB BJD... I would think.. well THEY didnt value these dolls.. THEY didnt love and handle them etc. To think you could buy a BJD and NOT want to "interact"and touch and play etc is incomprehensible to me :)
    15. *nods* When I see NRFB or MIB in an auction, I automatically assume that the seller is a scalper who bought the doll just to resell for a higher value later on.

      I know this isn't generally the case, but it still really turns me off.
    16. Barbies etc can be very second hand, but Super Dollfies/ABJs are a different matter. Some items simply transcend being "second hand". I have a very old synthesizer here - made in the early 70s. It's been around the world, used in universities and community facilities as well as by travelling musicians, but as far as I'm concerned, it isn't second hand. It simply has a marvelous history.

      And yes, some of my SD were preowned. When they moved here, they even kept their original names.

    17. I so agree that the terms MID and NRFB just are not applicable to BJD at all.

      For a Barbie collecter these can be important terms, as the packaging is as much a part of what they collect as the doll itself, but in the BJD world, it's really all about the doll. In some ways, the more history the better, as it seems to add to the character and personality.

      I would just about always look to the secondary market first for my BJD, for alot of reasons. The aforementioned history element, the ability to do business with someone who speaks my language clearly, the possibility that the doll might come with a few extra goodies etc.

      I bought my Dean secondary market. The transaction was smoothe as silk, his shipping cost was far less, the previous owner ironed some of his "bugs" out, in that she restrung him so he holds a pose better, PLUS, I got to see exactly what I was getting in photos (none of this random eye/random wig stuff that I hate.)

      Previously loved is exactly what he was, and I reaped the benefits of it.
    18. I think that whole thing is just a carryover from the doll collecting community. As someone who stalks the flea market looking for unloved dollies to adopt, I can honestly say it's never mattered to me. :grin:
      Recently, I was looking for an uncustomized Unoss, but that's only because I didn't want one with sanded lashes. To some people, "used" should always mean cheaper, and they are disappointed when this doesn't apply to BJD's...
    19. I've noticed that a lot of people outside the BJD community don't get the 'value' of these dolls. "They're just dolls!" Is what I hear a lot. I don't think people really understand the lure these dolls have on their owners, so its easy to call them "second hand" or "used". And because we play with them this turns the dolls into toys and that dimishes their value, I guess. BJD are not seen as collector's items, as of YET.
      But if you look at BJDs as works of art, then the whole concept changes and they are no longer just "toys". Which is exactly the case, these dolls are so much more than just mere toys.
    20. Yeah, but they can have scratches all over their faces and bodies.
      Some very ugly scratches, sometimes.
      And it's very sad when those scratches damage a wonderful face up made by a great artist...
      BTW, all of my dolls are pre-owned.
      I have bought them because I liked them a lot, but also because they weren't too expensive.
      Not everybody has the possibility to spend more than $1,000 on a doll, you know...
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