Buying the same doll over and over

Apr 10, 2020

    1. Couldn't find a thread on this so thought I'd start one!

      Has anyone else found themselves buying and then selling and then re-buying and re-selling, wash/rinse/repeat any one same doll?

      I've had this relationship with one of fairyland's sculpts for years now. I got a minifee once and then sold her, then bought her again as a boy and sold him, then again on the moe body then sold her, then bought her as a feeple 60, and sold her, and now I've bought her as a minifee on the A-line body again and I'm like, is this it? Will she finally stay or will she be going away again eventually?

      I have no idea why this keeps happening or why I keep buying her after I've sold her again and again. I love the sculpt, I think it's gorgeous as either a boy or a girl and has so much variety in face up options. I just can't seem to get one to stay.

      Idk. Anyone else experience this?
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    2. I've had the same fairyland F60 head 3 times now. Never at the same time and never the exact same head but the same sculpt. I'm so far 3 for 3 on selling them. 2/3 of those times I didn't set out to get that head, it sort of just happened. I still don't really like that head. :lol:
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    3. I think its hilarious you don't even like the head.
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    4. I've had Doll Chateau Katherine twice now and her sister sculpt madeline once. I love that she's a little cat person, and embarrassingly enough I want to get her again.

      The first one was the Madeline, and although she came with a pretty paint job I really, really disliked the big balloon boobs. So she got sold, then my first doll chateau katherine had an error and came with the wrong chest size... The balloon boobs. I was so upset, and then my dealer gave me a body upgrade as DC would have taken ages to replace the chest piece. Well, it didn't quite work out and I kept trying to make it work, but alas it was a lost cause. The second katherine came with the right chest, I just didn't like her color (She looked yellow in pictures, she was actually a peachy orange.) I'm thinking the right resin color could work. If I were to find another Katherine and it doesn't work out, however, I'm banning myself from that sculpt :XD:
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    5. It's funny that you don't even like it that much but still ended up with it again and again.

      I totally understand that! I'm not a fan of the balloon boobs either. I'm thinking you're on to something and if I end up selling her again I'm gonna have to call it quits on this doll.
    6. I did this twice with Dollshe Robin. I seem to have a love/hate relationship with him.... I loved his head sculpt but his size just doesn't work with the other scales of dolls that I have as he is a small msd and I have big yosd and big msd so he looked a little shrunk in comparison!

      He would be great as a stand alone but those two words don't work here so I sold him on for a second time...
    7. I'm on my second Elfdoll Hazy head now. I love how it looks, but the character I had in the sculpt previously was reshelled into a larger doll (Fantasiadoll Vivian). Now I have the head in a different resin color to shell her brother (who didn't exist when I had the sculpt the first time).
      I'm still not sure it's a 100% perfect fit, but am hoping a future faceup will help. I kind of want to keep the doll if it doesn't, but... don't really want to have SD that would be worth selling and don't have a character. It might be a struggle to justify the cost.
    8. I have definitely done this. I have had more then three of several face sculpts from Dollstown especially. It's never been that I didn't love them it always just been bad timing. Finally get one and then finances mess it up so they have to go. But I have been getting better and have been able to get some of them back to stay for good.
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    9. I literally bought two of the exact same dolls twice!:sweat I got to a point in the hobby where I felt I needed to revamp my entire collection, starting over from scratch, because it just wasn’t working for me. One of my girls, a Luts Kid Delf event head, had never settled on a character (which frustrated me to no end) so she was one of the first to go. About a year later, rebuilding my collection was going smoothly, and I was in the process of seeking out another sculpt for a brand new character when I came upon my old doll in the marketplace...still sporting the same face-up I’d originally given her. It was instant love at second sight and I snatched her up immediately! The new character fit her perfectly and she remains an absolute favorite to this day. So much so, in fact, that when I stumbled upon the identical sculpt years later, I snatched it up so she could have a twin. That’s how much I love the sculpt. So in hindsight I now see that the initial problems I had with it were entirely character-based and obviously not the sculpt itself.

      Another of the dolls I got rid of in that great sell-off was a cat mod with a special face-up I did. She was victim to an upgrade I was looking to do, so I sold her in the marketplace. A couple of years later, she re-emerged for sale and when I saw her I thought, ‘She ‘s amazing! What the heck was I thinking?’ So I brought her back home, and have dearly loved her ever since. To this day, I still truly love the sculpt and wouldn’t mind having more of them.
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    10. This is like that pina colada song where the married couple put out classified ads for dates and end up re-meeting each other. :mwahaha That's awesome you found her again!
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    11. I’ve done this three times with ResinSoul Xue.

      First one was a light tan on default body and I hated the posing and sold her. Second one was NS on default body, years later. I remembered how pretty she was from pictures and forgot how much I hated the body and bought her. Well, same thing, I just couldn’t stand that body and sold her. Few years after that, I ordered another Xue but in custom black skin and on the Mi body which I like a lot better, but I was remembering Xue’s beauty straight on and had forgotten how pointy her nose is in profile, which did not work for this character. I sanded it down but still didn’t care much for her and sold her pretty quickly. I have banned myself from buying another Xue ever.

      Mi, on the other hand....I wouldn’t mind another Mi in the future. I only sold her because I had more interest in putting that money towards a new doll.
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    12. Glad to see I'm not the only one who struggles with this. I just can't believe this is I think the 5th time I'll have had this doll and I'm so anxious about whether or not I'm going to keep her.

      This is the first time I'll have had her as the exact same style as the very first one (A-line, ns, small bust, cutie legs) and I'm hoping maybe that is the problem? I fell in love with the first one and had to sell her due to money circumstances and maybe it's that original style I've been chasing and the boy version, the moe version and the feeple version just weren't what I was craving?

      Idk but she's shipping out to me from Denver Doll today or Monday so we'll see how it goes when she gets here!
    13. I have done this so many times it's ridiculous (like, there are a number of sculpts I keep doing this with)

      And I think I might be about to do it again xD There are certain sculpts that I just can't get out of my head even though they didn't work out in the past. I'm trying to convince myself it was the styling and the face up that were the problem. Or even just my mood at the time in one case. But yeah, this will be... third time lucky? I hope?
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    14. I bought, sold, and traded the exact same doll not once, not thrice, but six times. He was a Luts Kid Delf Elf Ani that had been rescued off of Y!Japan and his previous owner fixed a botched eyemod on him. He was yellowed and had pierced ears, but there was something about him that grabbed my attention. I bought him for dirt-cheap at my first meetup, but after about a year or two of ownership, I wasn't doing enough with him and traded him to get a birthday doll for a friend. Then the owner put him back up for sale... and I ended up trading to get him back. He bounced back and forth between my friend and I a few times before I finally- finally- put him up for sale on the MP, where he found his forever home.

      There are days when I still think about him. He was a charming little fellow I could never figure out what to do with. A great starter doll. Fortunately, a regular Ani or Elf Ani wouldn't have that unique eyeshape, so I am banned from the sculpt twice-over. :lol:
    15. There's one sculpt that I have owned 3 times over the years- and then ended up selling- and that is the Alice in Labyrinth Bertram sculpt.... It's such an adorable sculpt, but unfortunately it looks to me so much like this kid named Mads, who I went to school with :-/
      And owning a doll that looks like someone I used to know is just too weird for me. The trouble is when I see beautiful owners photos of this particular sculpt- then I think with the right face up/styling this sculpt could maybe work for me... unfortunately, it never does :(
    16. you have me super curious... which Fairyland sculpt is it?
    17. I’ve done this before. Well, I needed money! It wasn’t a rare sculpt, I could always get it again, so I did. I actually liked the newer one more because the resin was updated so I probably would’ve switched eventually anyway. :sweat
    18. It's Mirwen!
    19. I have done this at least 3 times with different sculpts!
      I think I wasn't mentally and creatively ready for that doll at that time that I first bought him/her.

      I've had 3 Delf Lishes (the 3rd one I kept) - the first one I sold prematurely when I first got in the hobby, I was a lot younger too and more impulsive. The 2nd version was to replace the one I sold - who I then sold a month later because I couldn't bond with her. Fast forward to 5 years later and I found a version of the Lishe that was close to my original one! When I saw her, I felt an instant rush like "she was the one" and there was closure.
    20. I haven't. If I'm going to sell a doll, I'm sure I won't sell it until I'm 100% sure I don't like it anymore.