Buying two dolls with the same sculpt but different sizes?

Aug 9, 2017

    1. I'm at somewhat of a loss... for years I've been interested in Feeple60 Chloe, but recently realized I also really like LittleFee Chloe. Do you think it's strange to have both dolls, since they're technically the same sculpt but different sizes? I can't pick between the two!!
    2. Nah I don't think it's strange :P I have 2 Miyu's in different sizes. One Delf and one Minifee. I would love to have a Delf Soo to go with my Minifee one as well XD
      I know that some people will have both sizes to represent a younger/older version of characters they have. I think it's neat :)
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    3. Ah I never even thought of doing the whole younger/older thing!! That's super cute! And Miyu is gorgeous, so two is definitely better than one ;D thanks!
    4. Once I saw someone who had one of each size of the FL Chloe sculpt, so you wanting two of it is not weird at all to me. I like how some people make them into the same character at different ages, or family members like siblings or mother/daughter and the like.
    5. I plan to get both the honey delf and kid delf versions of Corni, so I don't think it's weird. Granted I plan to do pretty different things with each of them (and the characters aren't even from the same universe). But I've seen photos of
      dolls with their mini selves and It's so cute.
    6. She's such a gorgeous (and quite versatile) sculpt so I'm glad I'm not the only one with the Chloe fever! I was toying with the idea of a daughter for my future F60 so that is also a really good idea :) thank you!

      Aw that's a cute combo!! Love the Corni sculpt, congrats :) I should try to find some of these pictures! Thanks!
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    7. I agree with the statement of users above it is not strange at all. I have done that before with my non BJD dolls and made them have an older sibling/younger sibling dynamic.
    8. Thanks for the reply! Glad to know it's not uncommon like I thought :)
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    9. Not strange at all! I have a Delf Shiwoo and a Littlefée Shiwoo (he's the younger version of the same character), and I know there are plenty of others who've done similar.
    10. Aw! Shiwoo is a great sculpt, both big and small! Thanks for encouraging me! :)
    11. It's definitely not weird! If I can swing it, I'll be getting a senior delf Bory to go with my KDF (and it'll be like the grown up vers. of my boy).
    12. I wound up doing that this year -- much to my surprise! I have had an Iplehouse EID Model Bichun for several years, and recently bought an FID Bichun in a different resin color. They aren't related at all in my mind, and they don't even look alike even though they both have Iple faceups; a friend of mine didn't believe that they were the same sculpt until I showed her the Iplehouse website, heh.

      So it isn't *necessary* to think of the two sizes as different versions of the same character, unless that's how you want to style and imagine them!
    13. Bory is an adorable sculpt! Good choice :)

      Bichun is on my wishlist!! I was considering having a FL face up on the F60 and send the littlefee away for a more child-like faceup. So this is very encouraging! Thanks so much! :)
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    14. I don't think it's weird at all :) I actually have 2 of the same sculpt in the exact same size, but just different resin colors, and while I thought it was a bit weird at first, after some customization I no longer care. Sometimes I like dolls because they look like other dolls but in different sizes. For example, I have a 1/3 DiM Kassia head whom I adore, and I recently found 1/4 Dollzone Doreen head, and I instantly fell in love with her because she reminds me SO much of Kassia.

      You like what you like, don't let anyone stop you from doing what makes you happy.
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    15. I do not see anything strange in the fact that someone like dolls in various formats. But I clearly hear the difference between them. For example, I love my DELF Shiwoo, but I do not like Shiwoo minifee.
    16. I don't think it strange in the least. I have two Lati White Harus for girl and boy twins. Three, maybe four, Lati Belles in two sizes.

      With one more size to get, I'm sure there will be more Belles
    17. Not weird at all. I plan to get a sculpt that I already own just the human version (Resinsoul Jian which is the human version of Resinsoul Song that I already own) and his character is meant to be my Song's fraternal twin.
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    18. I think that idea sounds really cute.
    19. [​IMG]

      I see nothing strange about that at all. :)
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    20. Aw this message makes me so happy! The different resin colour is a good idea too!! :)