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Bye Bye Alice Cherry Blossom! Discussion

Sep 6, 2008

    1. Post quoted from News Thread
    2. so after this there will be no more piggies??
      i was hoping they might eventually release a basic version. :(
    3. Well I'm sorry to see her go, especially since I haven't had a chance to get one yet... :(
    4. People still have a chance to get her. I'm very tempted by Victoria as I fear she'll be gone in a while to.

    5. Wow. I was never tempted by the lil pigs before, but these guys are styled so nicely. I love the detail on the faceups and outfits.
    6. what a shame, now i'll probably never get one as the price for a second hand one will just keep rising.
    7. I have my Alice, and I think the pigs were among the better anthros out there. So much care was obviously put into that sculpt, as opposed to some of the sculpts that look like the same old simple basic cat with different ears stuck on it or the mouth changed ever so slightly.

      I will probably get a Billie Winterberry because I wanted him as well, but I think it's kind of a shame that the releases for this lot had to end. I understand wanting to go on and do more projects, but why does everything in this hobby have to be limited? It's a huge frustration, and those of us who really appreciate the pigs don't care if there's 1,000 or 100,000 of them on the market.
    8. It's a bittersweet feeling. I understand that Charles and Elfdoll will move on to other projects but it's sad to know that there will be no more piggies.

      *cherishes her piggy*
    9. I think this is a shame :( I agree, they are some of the best anthros and for them to have no basic release is so sad. Especially now there is a whole family and very little time to buy them with very little to go around :(
    10. I would have bought one by now if there had been a basic release. No chance of ever getting one on the marketplace for a good price... People love these piggies!
    11. Wow, I am a softie and actually had a little cry at this news but then I had seen
      somewhere the absolute beauty and philosophy behind the tiny human life forms that Charles was working on and feel it is almost a crime to expect an artist to adhere to a commercial commitment when the holistic nature of art is undefined and a true spiritual journey. To stagnate as an artist is just to inwardly droop like petal on a flower.I can't wait to see what Charles is going to
      create, be it for sale or just to enjoy looking and feeling the love and care in the workmanship and pure driven creativity that is given to the process.

      I have looked at Alice so many times with longing but it was only last week I finally bought her in the market place figuring that I have a huge pig collection and really needed this little one. My one reservation was,(and don't throw thing's at me:lol:), I have an issue with pigs in clothes. Having figured this is entirely personal preference and I did not need to dress her, the doubt just became a reality that a year of the pig woman needs an Alice became obvious.

      I hope that everyone who ever wanted a wonderful ball jointed pig goes right ahead now:aheartbea.

      We need to cradle what artists bring to our world, it is more than we fathom.

    12. Charles mentioned in the Artists subforum a little while ago that he was working on a new bjd....

      I'm hoping that means that there will be a new, wonderful quality anthro bjd on its way...
    13. Umm, am I misreading? :huh?:

      It sounds to me like there will be more Alice Cherry Blossom in the future, just not via elfdoll.
    14. Marilyn - if you look at the elfdoll website you will see that Qee is a type of plastic doll (not ball jointed) like a mini figure, it's just not the same :( The clothes are painted on.

      I too look forward to see what is next from Charles, I just hope the next one can make it to a basic release. I would love to paint them myself and make their outfits. :D
    15. Ahh... now I understand. Personally, I collect non-resin dolls (Pullip, Mini Blythes, etc.) so plastic wouldn't bother me, but I can see the disappointment for those that prefer resin.
    16. My daughter's and my Alice came today. I am now just grateful to have her and considering a brother as this is one special little pig:aheartbea
    17. I think the limited thing is frustrating, too. The companies do it just to create a purchasing frenzy, which I guess works since that's how they continually run things. I don't care for the Victoria release and I guess I may not get my piggie now. I'm sure Elfdoll couldn't care less!
    18. I love those little piggies and am sad to see them go but I've decided not to purchase one as I am concerned by something that is in the advertising of William Winterberry. I don't want to support a company who has different values than myself.

      I can't wait to see what Charles is working on and am hoping that it will be distributed through a different company!!
    19. I didn't get the impression they were pushing the pigs,
      it was more that Charles Stephen has other commitments and they wanted to complete the series
      rather than leave everyone hanging. They actually pushed back production of the tiny girl that was due out because the the piggy release.
      One thing that came up at the Elfdoll meet was that Rainman was offered other jobs at other companies
      but wanted creative freedom, which Elfdoll gave him.
      So it means really beautiful creative sculpts but maybe not alway on the time line we'd like. They seem to be very interested in the customers input on the dolls too.
      Please don't worry, Piggies will make their way to the
      sale board I'm sure.
      I am disappointed to, money is tight right now and I'll have to pass piggies up right now. So it is sad for me too. (I'm trying to be patient LOL ~)
    20. What are you referring to on the William Winterberry page? o_O

      I've always been tempted by these piggies but probably won't get around to purchasing one--but I must say, I am really impressed with their last round! Victoria and Edward are incredible, I love those little tusks!

      I definitely don't think Elfdoll does the limited thing to create a purchasing frenzy. Some companies may... but if they really wanted to make a quick and easy profit they could release the original dolls nude with a lot less effort. Considering all the different versions, the detailed outfits, and the different bodies and sizes (which would require entirely new sculpts and molds) they clearly spent a lot of time and effort on the dolls and are thinking of them as 'works of art' rather than for mass-production. I mean, of course they need to make a profit, they're a company, but I hardly think that makes them greedy...