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Bye Bye Alice Cherry Blossom!

Sep 6, 2008

    1. Dear Alice Cherry Blossom Fans!

      With the 5th Edition of Alice: Victoria and Edward and the
      special editions of Alice, Billie, Julia and Ian, we have
      finally come to an end of the releases of this unique little piglet girl.

      I would like to thank all of you for your love and support of this sweet piggy character whom I’ve grown to love so much myself too. Alice Cherry Blossom is like my own ‘child’, so it really means a lot to me that she’s loved by so many of you!

      Also much thanks to the Elf Doll Staff and I wish them good luck, love and wisdom for the future.The final project I’ll be having with Elf Doll Inc. is a joint project with Toy2R-Qee, so please look forward to Alice Cherry Blossom Qee release October 2008.

      So, the journey of Alice Cherry Blossom ends here. It’s been a wonderful and amazing journey, so please don’t be too sad. Every end has a new beginning, and I promise you all...
      a new beginning has already been started!

      I’ll be back soon with a new story...

      Yours truly,

      Charles Stephan, creator/designer of Alice Cherry Blossom & family