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Update C&C Dolls: X-Mas Shoe Sale, JN Pre-Orders Open, New Items!!!

Oct 27, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      UPDATE: 12/04/09


      --In-stock JN shoes/boots and in-stock Pipkin & Bonnet shoes also on sale through X-mas!

      --NEW!!! JN OOAK 18th Century Court Shoe & Hat Sets at SPECIAL INTODUCTORY PRICE, now available for PRE-ORDER!

      --Added some other awesome new stuff and restocked some old stuff!

      --Will be adding YOSD-sized clothing over the next week!

      --More clothing now available in other sizes!

      --I've also put some new BIN (Buy It Now) items on eBay under galxe1220m7


      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      New OOAK JN Shoe & Hat Sets Pre-Order at Introductory Price!

      JN Heeled Courts, Court Mules, Poulaine Boots, Pirate Boots, English Riding Boots - PRE-ORDERS OPEN & ON SALE!!!

      Pipkin & Bonnet Shoes also ON SALE!

      New Items!:

      Mini Vintage Ouija Boards


      Assorted Necklaces

      All of these items and much more can be found on MY WEBSITE.

      Questions? Comments? PM me or email me at: galxe12@hotmail.com (Please do not post directly to News threads.)

      Thanks Everybody!
    2. Here's what I have. These are much closer. I only had a pair of each in my possession for a short time (and none currently in stock) and I had many other shoes and other items to photograph at the time so I didn't get detailed pics of these boots. Will try to do so with this next order. ;) And I'm having such a problem getting multiple/larger pics up on my website for each item... I'm following Yahoo's instructions, but it ain't workin'. XP

      The zipper is professional quality, going all the way from the bottom to the top of the boot with a small buckle to disquise the top of the zipper. Joyce has been making doll shoes for over 30 years and sewing for most of her life. However... since she does not own an SD13/17 or SD10 herself these boots are still being tweaked with each order. Because she lives on the other side of the world, and since I'm hesitant to mail my own dolls or their parts back and forth, she must rely on the occasional pair of optional BJD feet I send as I can afford them for her to use as foot models ("lasts"). Once she has a basic pattern she then relies on additonal measurements and feedback, especially since every BJD can vary so much in size. It's an ongoing process.

      Oh, I'd also forgot to mention that you can request colors other than black and dark brown this time too! :)
    3. Marie Antionette era mohair wig PRE-ORDER NOW OPEN!!

      Also, one week left to pre-order JN Pirate, English Riding, and Poulaine/Elf boots.
    4. Hello! Could you tell me when your next ordering period is for Elf Boots? Thanks!
    5. Last two days for JN 18th Century Heeled Court shoe pre-orders!
    6. My apologies for the delayed response, I somehow overlooked the email notice and just came across it today. :sweat :?

      I have not yet set any specific date, but I'm thinking about just offering pre-orders for *all* JN shoes/boots, all at the same time for future pre-orders. The frequency of my pre-orders varies. The last pre-order is currently on its way to me, plus I have a new style to promote ;) , so I'll probably look at doing a new pre-order around April-ish. :)
    7. Bump

      Reminded that current pre-order ends this Sunday, May 31st. :kitty2
    8. Site update, news, pre-order announcement!
    9. Bump for pre-order reminder.
    10. One week left - JN pre-order closes Sept. 6th!
    11. Last day of pre-order! Next JN pre-order won't be until Oct. or Nov. ;)
    12. C&C Dolls now has clothing!!! :dance
    13. I really like your dress styles! I was wondering if you plan to offer any of them in yosd?
    14. Thank you, Branchuchan!

      I can't say for sure right now, but I definitely hope to expand to YOSD sizes in the future. ;)

    15. Hi Cheshiretiffy,

      I don't make any of the clothing myself, and I have no idea where my manufacturer got the pattern and/or inspiration for the coat. ;)

      Great job on the coat you made! :)

    16. I really do like some of the clothes you have to offer, although I wonder if they will be available in sizes larger than the standard SD13 60cm. Big boys like nice clothes too. ;)

      Also, you may want to check with your manufacturer. The CherryGirl Mercury Lamp dress is a direct knock-off of Suigintou's dress from Rozen Maiden. It wouldn't stop me from buying, but others may object. Just a FYI.
    17. I myself am big boy biased and will definitely be pushing for some 70cm boys clothing in the near future, LOL! :)

      "Knock-offs" can be very grey areas, and even greyer when it comes to clothing inspired by movies and manga... and even further greyed by international borders and laws (or lack thereof). I don't know how many wizard's school outfits I've seen for sale on various sites over the years that were obviously "inspired" by the Harry Potter movies, some more closely than others. Knock-offs of dolls or artist one-off outfits are one thing, but when it comes to most other clothing and accessories, crying "knock-off" is just making mountains out of mole-hills. You can't please all the people all the time... I'm afraid there will always be people out there who want to nitpick and split hairs, lol. :sweat

    18. I don't think most people are going to get too upset by knockoffs, but Volks as a company might be pretty miffed if some other company is directly using their patterns for sales purposes.
    19. I will talk to my manufacturer about it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.