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Update C-Line A La Carte & FairyLand Holiday

Jul 15, 2010

    1. Link to official posting.

    2. Do we know if they are going to include the MNF and LTF heads in the A La Carte?
    3. ChicLine A La Carte is up! $348 for the basic doll without adding in faceups, sleeping face, or faceup for the sleeping face. Nothing about the MNF or LTF that I saw.

      I forgot to add you can also purchase the body alone for $315.
    4. I'm sure FL is still updating photos but... is there a link so you can see what hands are available? I can't seem to find it anywhere :sweat
    5. The options are all there when you open the body option. That was redundant, but true. Hands are there as well.
      If you scroll down there is a body diagram and you click on the various things, ie. hands, legs, bust and so on, and another window opens that contains the options.