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:::Cadmium_Kyo9 Feedback Thread:::

Jul 7, 2007

    1. This is my feedback thread for both buying and selling on DoA!

      Thank you!!
    2. Fantastic buyer! Very polite, and patient. Would do business with again!
    3. Sold my FD boy body to Kyo9 and everything went fantastic! Great communication, fast payment, awesome buyer! I could not have asked for a better transaction! I would definately sell to (or buy from!) Kyo9 again!

      Thank you so much! :)
    4. Cadmium_kyo9 bought a head from me. Great communication, fast payment. Would definalty sell to again! Thanks!
    5. Cadmium_Kyo9 bought a pair of pant from me :) Pay fast and was friendly, everything was perfect! Thanks again!
    6. Bought a wig from me. Quick payment and understanding. Would sell to again. :)
    7. I just recently completed a commission for Cadmium_Kyo9 and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. Payment was super-speedy. Communications were prompt and friendly. All transactions should go this well!
    8. My second commission for Cadmium_Kyo9 went just as beautifully as the first. I absolutely adore working with him. He's always prompt, cordial and completely delightful!
    9. Cadmium_Kyo9 bought a body from me. He was fast with communication and everything went smoothly.
    10. Cadmium_kyo9 bought my BC Lucas head. He paid very quickly and was very patient and pleasant to speak to. Great buyer! :)
    11. I bought a great wig from Cadmium_kyo9. The shipping was the fastest ever. His communications were excellent. He responded quickly and politley. Thanks alot for a perfect transaction.
    12. I bought a stunning pair of eyes from Cadmium_kyo9. Exactly as described, unbelievably fast shipping, wonderfully packaged, and just lovely communication! I honestly could not have asked for a more pleasant transaction, this was probably one of the nicest I've ever had. :D Thanks a ton!
    13. Fastest transaction ever!! It was seriously *less than 24 hours* between my first PM to him and the delivery of the Domuya standard body. Easy to deal with and setting new land speed records for shipping. :)
    14. Cadmium_Kyo9 bought a Dollzone body off me. He paid promptly and was very polite when he had questions. Didn't hesitate to ask either which is good. I hope we can do business again in the future!
    15. I bought a Volks Kun wig from Cadmium_Kyo9. Communication was fast, and he was polite. The wig was packed very well, arrived quickly, and was exactly like it looked in the sales photo. ^^
    16. I bought a DZ body from Cadmium_Kyo9. He was extremely nice and answered PMs at lightning speed. He was also very understanding and ready to solve any shipping issue. The body itself was super well-packed and is in great condition.

      Thank you~!
    17. I sold an older SD13 boy body to Cadmium_Kyo9, who was very patient with me while I took some pictures of the body.

      Transaction went great. :)
    18. Cadmium_Kyo9 bought a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes from me. Fast and friendly transaction. Thank you ^^
    19. I purchased doll's head from Cadmium_Kyo9. Nice communication and everything went well. She is a true joy to deal with, absolutely a reliable seller. Thank you! :)
    20. Sold 2 customized handmade furwigs to Cadmium_kyo9. An absolute wonder to work with. Payment was almost instantaneously. Definitely a A+++++++ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v