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Calling 70+ owners!

Jul 24, 2017

    1. My RDG will be here soon, and since ordering I've still been struggling to find resources for clothes, accessories, props, etc scaled for 70 cm boys!

      So, I ask. Where do you purchase for the largest of your collection? Do you self-make? If so, do you make your own patterns for find them (and where)?

      pls help me find places to buy for my bby oAo
    2. My Dollshe Husky, Ashe, has all homemade clothes (whether by me or buying second-hand). The only thing store-bought are his shoes. XP
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    3. I buy from Alice Collections. It's really hit or miss though. I have the Ringdoll Grown 03 bodies which are the biggest (at least chest wise) from Ringdoll. Some of the stuff works, but others don't.

      There's also a pair of pants (these) that will close as well.

      And the other place I buy from, although this is recent and I've only gotten one pair, is Painted Wings. The SSDF/70cm clothes. They are a bit more expensive though.

      Good luck!
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    4. Angell Studio makes beautiful clothes for 70 cm dolls. Check their clothing section under their "Charm" category. They also have shoes that will fit most of these behemoths, too! Sadol also makes high quality clothes for 70cm boys.
    5. I tend to shop around. I get some things on Etsy, others on ebay, and then some on separate shops like Alice's Collections, Tata's Paradise, SWdoll, Stacy's Pink Ocean, and others. Fit always varied by doll, of course. :kitty2
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    6. Freedom Teller has some amazingly beautiful things for 70cm boys, but you will need to check your boy's measurements against the ones they have. Their standard 70cm clothing is for Iplehouse EID, but they can customize clothing to fits Luts SSDF for a fee.
    7. I have bought clothes from Sadol, Freedom Teller, Alice Collections, Dollmore, Luts, Iplehouse and eBay.
      RGM03 bodies' lower halves are SSDF size, so Luts SSDF clothes will fit. At least, their jeans do. Dollheart pants also fit (the ones I tried did anyway).

      Props are harder. I haven't had too much trouble with actually stuff (I have a lot of occult things, some guns and other odds and ends) but I've had a tough time finding furniture....I literally just got a table-2 chair set from an antique mall that was a good size but too short. I glued some extensions to the legs and now they're prefect. But that was luck and I don't expect it to happen again. Depending on what props you want, Dollmore sells all kinds of things. They have two lines of 70+ dolls, so they have quite a bit of things that work for them.

      I've only been into the bigger dolls for the last couple of years though, so I'm not exactly great at this yet lol
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    8. Thank you guys! I've always loved the larger dolls, and I'm so excited for my rgm03 body boy but clothing him seems like it will be a difficult feat. The hunt continues :lol:
    9. I'd have to warn you too that finding shoes will be a pain on the bigger boys. My poor hybrid who has a 70+cm IMPLdoll Idol body still has no footwear. D: It's especially difficult for me because I needed boots, and I have to take into consideration both the foot width/length and the height/circumference of his calves. What a nightmare!

      I make all my boy's clothes because I have a specific look for him (hence bypassing the difficult clothes-finding process), but I still don't have the skill to make shoes. XD

      Anyhow, here's another site that may be useful (once again, cross-check the measurements!): Blue Blood Doll - Ball Jointed Dolls US
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    10. It all depends on your boys measurements. I have an old Dollzone Wings who can wear 60cm boys clothes just the pants tend to be too short. Dollheart's SD17 fit 3 of my different sized 70cm ranged boys. There are a few ebay sellers who offer 70cm outfits.

      As for making your doll something you can basically use any SD pattern you find. Use them as bases for making a larger version to fit the measurements of your boy. There are a few bigger labeled patterns but I've always just drawn a new pattern from laying my boy down an tracing around him. Hasn't failed me yet (^o^) My 80cm doll couldn't fit anything I owned besides some very stretchy items from Alice Collection so his wardrobe will me mostly handmade.