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Calling all AR NT Ren owners--owner list!!!

May 24, 2008

    1. Mods, I had no earthly idea where to post this. It doesn't belong in either gallery thread since it isn't a photo thread, but other than that I'm at a loss. Please move it as you see fit.

      A few random events made me wonder just what happened to all those Natural Tanning Rens, and if I could find where most of them are. If you own one, please post saying you do. If you did own one and sold him to someone, if you don't mind saying who it is, please post with that. If you know someone who's not on the forum who has one, post that as well.

      Here's a list I've compiled from searches. It includes people who, at one point, owned a NT Ren (I determined this through the Tanned Dolls Database, the AR Ren Database, every NT Ren thread I could find, signatures, and profiles.). For some of them, I have not been able to confirm whether they still own him. I found some users who once owned one, but don't appear to still own one. Those users are not listed. If you're on this list and you happen to check this thread (or know someone on the list), please post with whether or not you still own an NT Ren. The actual list will be updated below the first one as I find out who actually does and doesn't have one of these boys.

      Janne (x2)
      count sandwich

    2. Bumping. Come on, we're not shy here.
    3. Bumping up for an owner list.
    4. Awww, NT Rens :D

      If my memory doesn't fail, Azurielle owned one too. I remember cause back when I got my first doll I commissioned kimonos from her, and the NT Ren was the model XD

      Hey, maybe you should start a database for these boys if there isn't one? Just a thought ;)
    5. I looked and he's not listed in her signature or profile, so I can't add her to the list. ><; And I don't want to start a gallery database because there are already a few in other threads (AR thread, tan dolls thread) and all the same people would post in a thread specifically for them. I don't much care what they look like, I just want to find out where they all are. :sweat

      It just occurred to me that I *could* PM some of these people... hmm.

      Thanks for the help anyway!
    6. OMG, I'm so sorry, I just realized I got confused since I also commissioned Azurielle, but it was lilmissmaya I was thinking of when I mentioned the NT Ren *goes hide* ^^;;

      And you have her already listed so... ^^;;

      *hides again*
    7. No problem, I'm glad people are at least trying to help me out. :)
    8. Hehe! I'm on the list, and yes, I still have mine~

      He was my first doll, and he's still my favorite in many ways. He's been here for nearly 3 years now. :)

      I've also wondered where the 30 of them went! This is pretty interesting.
    9. Hooray! Thanks. There's now a "confirmed" list below the first one. *dances*
    10. ooo I'm on this list!! Figured I would post that I still have my NT Ren boy Faust. *luffs him*
      Nice list, kind of cool to know who owns Faust's siblings lol.