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Calling all Garden of Dolls PpoPpo owners!

Jan 3, 2011

    1. Hey guys! I'm recently a new owner of a Garden of Dolls PpoPpo. I love my little girl dearly, but I have such a hard time finding things for her! I found that she fits really good in Liv clothes and in Moxie girl clothes, thanks god because she's perfect in them, though the Liv girls sometimes have a bigger chest than her, so some of the clothes are loose on top but I usually fix that with a safety pin in the back and you can't even tell. My biggest problem is that she doesn't fit in their shoes!! D: My poor little girl runs around with no shoes on! Does anyone know where I can find shoes that will fit her tiny and slender feet? If anyone wants to see her in the Liv and Moxie clothes I'm gonna be adding pics later just as a reference so if anyone wants to go out and buy them, they for sure fit like a dream. ^^
    2. the original thread died a horrific death...I'm one of the very few people that still has one and they are no longer made.

      Nuri wears some Liv things but mostly Blythe clothes...hands and hips can be a problem along w/feet. For shoes I use Lati Yellow Sp (for Special) size shoes from Ruby Red Galleria. Hujoo shoes fit her too as do the large Doc Marten type Blythe boots.

      Here is my girl!

    3. kayjay: Oh thanks so much, I had no idea there was a thread for her, I looked for one but I couldn't find one. But, I'll check it out. ^^

      ReineDeLaSeine14: Yes, I was surprised to find out they are no longer in production when I found her, she's so cute, how can anyone pass her up? D: Thanks for the info on the shoes! It helps a LOT. My little darling can't find shoes anywhere, and trust me.. we look. >.< And you girl is so cute! :D I love her. Here's Gwendolyn! ( sorry for the bad lighting, took them last night. )

      Sporting her Moxie girl dress and Liv sunglasses.
      Very easy to get on and fits nicely, the sunglasses have to be strecthed just a tad, but still fit.

      Sporting her Liv jacket, tank and jeans with her guitar.
      The jeans are a little long on her, but I just roll them up and they look fine. The tank is a little big in the shoulders but with the leather jacket on you can't even tell. She did have a problem with getting her hands through at first, but eventually it all worked out. I usually just trim the tops down when she can't get her hands through, that way it's shorter on her and she can get her hands in it easily.
    4. Very cute...I've always been a fan of the wig she's wearing.

      Many people passed them up just because of her crazy posing...her artist has since sculpted dolls with amazing posing ability but she never redid Ppoppo. Nuri has had three people work on her and I spent a lot of money to get her to pose better even though her character is a wheelchair user. She is rigid now with thick wires in all her limbs, toros and hips and has been sueded, sanded, with s-hooks put in her wrists so they can move. But I still love her to death.

      I even had her mold changed to a Tinybear sculpt but nothing has the charm of the PpoPpo...that kissy pout is what does it for me :)
    5. Well, Gwen does have a problem with her hand and arm use, but I don't really pay too much mind to it. It's a lot different than posing my Kid Delf TTORI as he usually does what he's told, where as Gwendolyn.. I have to kinda take pictures around her instead of doing what I originally planned. It's not always that bad though. Personally I think it gives her a certian charm, and it fits with her little rockstar personality so I don't mind her posing nature. And yes.. that face is just too cute!