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Calling all males!

Mar 7, 2011

    1. I didn't see this posted anywhere.. and looked through 9 pages worth of posts so.. *_*
      SO anyway I wanted to make a thread for us guys to talk! I hope that's okay :).

      I'm pretty sure we are a very small percentage here!

      So tell us all about you and your dolls, doll experiences, etc!

      I'm still in the midst of perfecting my dream doll. I finally found him a faceup artist and will be sending him out tomorrow.
    2. I'll bite. We are a pretty small part of the community, but most everyone here is really accepting of whatever you are and that's something that's really great about it and this hobby.

      Tells us about you:
      Well, keeping it simple, I'm a 30 something guy that draws, writes and creates web sites. :) I'm also a gamer, into comics, books and some anime. I'm currently trying to write a story that will be a webcomic and maybe a novel. My dolls will represent the characters in the story.

      Tell us about your dolls:
      I currently have a DoD DoT E-an. I got her almost a year ago already. She's been pretty spoiled, but spends most of her time in her box since I have no where to put her. :(
      I also have an unfinished Dollfie Dream, but she hasn't really connected with me.
      I'm going to order my second resin girl this week. She'll be a DoD DoT Calla.

      Tell us your doll experiences:
      I knew about this hobby for a long time via the anime / con side of things. I thought they looked cool, but didn't give it much more thought than that. Much later I rediscovered them and decided I really wanted to get one. Took me almost a month of searching and looking through flickr to settle on the E-an mold. At the time I thought that was it, I'll just get one. Now a year later I'm looking at getting my second and a list is starting to grow of more I'd like to get. So far all from DoD.

      My friends and family don't really pay it much mind. I'm still apprehensive about telling everyone I know. Much of my relatives don't know about it. I don't really care what people think, I'm just a low key kinda person and don't tend to like to draw odd looks my way. I do still feel a little funny when friends come over and she's on my desk or whatever. But my close friends are cool and don't say anything. So I've been lucky there. We'll see how that goes when the doll family grows. >.< I've never taken her out in public either. I'd like to be a bit more brave about it. However, with this webcomic idea I'm working on, I'll be forcing myself out of the closet so to speak (I'm straight :P) when I show the dolls that represent my story characters on my blog and maybe even YouTube if I can get up the courage. It should be interesting.
    3. glad to get a response! I'm bi so I think.. people //would// expect it out of me e__e;;;;. But it's had to come out with the news of OH HEY I HAVE DOLLS! to any if your a male since society tends to dislike that.

      I think what started it for me though was... well I collected anime figures haha and thought OMG BIGGER FIGURES (yah Im a bit of a nerd. And by a bit, I mean mega nerd. Im working on a Link super dollfie from The Legend of Zelda *__*).

      But the art of ball jointed dolls amazes me. I've always been one to love being able to make things "my own" so to speak.
    4. Tells us about you:
      I'm a 25 year old male. I like heavy metal, video games, pro wrestling, and dolls. (One of those things doesn't belong :lol: )

      Tell us about your dolls:
      I have a Volks Dollfie Dream Yukino, a Volks Dollfie Dream Dynamite Alna, and a Dollmore Leah Cox. I'm looking forward to getting an Iplehouse SID Eva, but I haven't placed an order for her yet. I have a box full of clothes for my big girls, too.

      I also have lots of other dolls, but they're off topic.

      Tell us your doll experiences:
      Being a straight male, dolls were never really my thing growing up. (Not to say that being gay gives you a get out of jail free card for liking dolls, either.) Back when I was big into anime, I had heard about Volks through their anime character resin kits, and some people talked about how Volks was a big deal in something called ball jointed dolls. This was probably back in 2006, but I can't even remember if I saw a BJD back then. I just know I read about it. I got into dolls in early 2008 with some off topic dolls. I then began to hear about Volks and ABJDs again. My first impressions of the ABJD end of the doll spectrum weren't so great. In addition to being really expensive, I heard a lot of bad things about ABJD fans. However, in early 2009, I ended up with my first Dollfie Dream, Yukino. She made me a believer :) I then got my Dollmore Leah Cox in late 2009, and I got my Dollfie Dream Dynamite almost a year after that.

      I don't have a lot of public experiences with my dolls. My parents don't like them. They think there's something wrong with me. (Well, I should say parent now. My mom died of cancer about 7 months ago.) Only a couple other people I know in real life know about them.

      The (very, very early) morning after my mom died, my aunts found out about my dolls. They thought they were my mom's at first, but then I explained to them that they were mine. They were nice about it, but they really started to be less awkward with it when I explained that it was kind of an offshoot of anime stuff. (Which isn't entirely untrue.) Some of their children, my cousins, are also into anime, so they got a handle on it rather quickly.

      There's not much else to tell, really. I just really love getting new clothes for my girls and dressing them up so they can model. Then I take lots of pictures and post them online. Sometimes I make little stories and stuff. I don't do much in the way of character musing with my dolls, but they do have some basic personality traits and some semblance of story. My Yukino and my Alna are married, but Yukino dated Leah for a while before she fell for Alna, so Leah's a bit lonesome now. I want to get Eva for her so she has a girlfriend, but sometimes I cuddle with Leah and watch TV with her.
    5. About me:
      Well where to begin on myself. I guess we will start with I am 36, and into a lot of things besides dolls. Yes I am typical in that I like Cars as I love my Corvette. I live in the North Atlanta area and well work too hard as I mainly eat, work and sleep. I do costuming, Corvette Racing in the SCCA, Resin Casting for different things ( Sorry no dolls ), and Build Computers.

      My Dolls:
      Just have Two dolls currently. My First is a Dollzone Yage that I love to death. I call her Wensicia as she really seems to match up to a Frank Herbert Character of the same name. Wensy loves the classic looks most of the time. My Other doll is one that started off life as a head only and finally got a body to go with him. It is Mana of Malaice Mizer.

      My Doll Experience:

      Well I got introduced to BJD's back in like 2003 when I saw a few at a few conventions I had been at. Friend of mine was really keen on getting a Luts doll and started showing me pictures. It was then that a Volks Limited Doll really caught my eye, but I just could not afford her. Well about two years later I made the plunge and bought my first Doll and within a year I had bought a Minimee head. Since then a few years have passed and I am looking to find another girl and sell off my Mana.
    6. About Me:

      24 about to turn 25, very interested in the business side of the hobby...connecting artists to those who want their art and all. Found this through my girlfriend. Interested in taking my views away from the "pretty boy" ideas and showing how to make "grit" look good.

      My Dolls:

      None yet, though have an idea going for a Tech-Priest from WH40k.

      My Doll Experience:

      None to really say, learning as fast as I can from here, and from my girlfriend.
    7. About Me:

      a normal teenager :l at the age of 19

      My Dolls

      The Great AOD family~~ Molan,Lele, Singapore limited edition Ryan [only 2 made in the world ;D]

      My Doll Experience
      Lots of fun ;D & negative comments
    8. About Me:
      I'm 26. I discovered ABJD's while wikihopping or something like that something like 5 years ago, and I've been hooked since! I actually am gay, so my interest in dolls is sort of taken in stride by my friends and family.

      My Dolls:
      I have a Luts Bory Boy, Aleksandr, who came home in Sept '09 who I absolutely adore. I'm in the process of getting a Luts Ani Boy right now, and with any luck I'll be bringing him home by the end of the month!

      My Doll Experience :
      I've had the great luck of having a few friends who are also involved in the hobby, and having someone to go through the process of saving up for a doll, waiting for him/her to arrive, and shopping for the perfect clothes, wig, accessories, etc. is an incomperable bonding experience.
    9. About me:

      I'm a 23 year old artist and gamer.

      My dolls:

      I have three dolls at the moment along with two floating heads. I have a DZ Chen (Raziel), a Souldoll Chiru (Demi), and a Zuzu Delf Velo (Desya). The floating heads are a Luts Wintery '08 (Nicci) and a Albert Wesker Minimee (Reiner).

      My doll experience:

      I've been into the hobby for almost three years and I started with my fiance. most of my currently dolls and all of my future dolls are based off of my preexisting characters. Yet my experience with the community has been a mixed one. I have made some great friends through the hobby none the less.
    10. This is a very cool thread! Love it!

      About Me::ablah:
      I am a hair-stylist and since 3 years in the doll hobby, i am a videogame-nerd and LOVE Apple produkts.....i am als into MMORPG, some anime and comics, sewing, photographing, youtubing and customizing Pullip and Blythe........and not the normal kind of gay guy i guess :sumomo:

      My Dolls:
      All started with Pullip, Blythe, Azone, Obitsu, Dollfie Dream first collecting and then customizing (but thats off topic^^) then i got into BJD´s and now i have an Iplehouse Akando, Unoa Chibi Roron, Unoa B-el/Dollzone Hybrid, Unoa Chibi/Resinsoul Hybrid and one other Unoa Hybrid WIP ^^ i guess i love Unoa sculpts:aheartbea

      My Doll Experience :
      I never hide my doll-hobby from anybody......my boyfriend supports me in a fantastic way and is always helpful with customizing and modding a doll (Akando was a gift from him), friends are pretty ok with my dolls and don´t think i am a weird pervert or something .....also the people i work with are amazed by watching my dolls and customs on my flickr!
      Most of the time beiing in this hobby i had a great time, lots of fun and met wonderful people and i am proud to share my hobby with them ........ sometimes some green-eyed EVIL persons :roar cross my way (online) but i just ignore them the best i can ^^
      I love to take out my dolls and take pictures of them in public and luckily never anything worse happened...... also i take everytime i travel one doll with me ^^
      I wish there where some more doll people around my area to chat with or just to hang out
    11. haha that made me LOL for real xD

      I'm sorry to hear about your mother :(. My father is hospitalized right now and Im a million miles away... so Im freaking out u__u.
    12. I am 35, and have been collecting dolls for all my life. BJDs came to me in the mid 2000s. My collection encompasses Volks, Dollstown, Soom, Custom House, Luts, Notdoll, Planetdoll, SeedDolls, and Gentaru Araki. I am currently waiting for the new Dollstown 18 y/o girl body.

      I am living in an small island in the Caribbean where I plan on sculpting and painting.
    13. @Ragresen
      I must admit, I have a deep love for Corvettes

      I'm glad you are so open about your dolls :D! By the way, is your user name from Big Bang? :o

      Haha it seems a lot of us are gamers

      My family is a bit odd about it.. for example: My mother always gives them dirty looks (when I do get to visit that is) but then she will show them off to her church people (my parents are pastors).. like "Look at these amazing beautiful expensive dolls!". I don't get it O___O

      Can I see this Ryan of yours :O

      Your idea for a Tech-Priest intrigues me!

      Aw I know the feeling of not connecting :/. It sucks but if theres not a special bond, I think it sucks for you & the doll, you know? :/

      AH I want to live on an island! Is it nice? *__*
    14. @Bloodberry_Rose: Big Bang? No the the name is from a doll ^^ it´s Pullips boyfriend ^^
    15. @Taeyang
      Woops! Sorry Big Bang is a Korean group & one of the members names is Taeyang ^^;;
    16. Heya all I'm NOT a boy, but I just wanted to add my boyfriend to your little list... ^_^ I hope it's okay~

      About Him:
      He is 18 years old, he likes LoL and The Elder Scrolls, he made his own little roleplaying world (a little dungeon and dragins inspired) in this world all my dolls live in :3 He doesn't have his own profile *yet* He is very shy and ashamed about liking the dolls... Right now his all like "I'm only doing modding and sculpting!" But I catch him playing with my girls at night :P

      His Dolls:
      None yet, we kinda share mine... But soon he will get a MNF Karsh ^_^

      His Doll Experience
      Well... When I first got in the hobby he thought it was stupid... But then he slowly got interested :P But still really ashamed about it ^_^
      He have come to meeting with me, and he have a great time! ^_^ Playing with dolls and studying them :P
      He has this prejudice about doll owners eighter be overweight and/or homosexuel :P And if they are none of that; then they got a cat x'D

      And I must say, I never met ONE who doesn't fit this x'D

    17. @Marha

      Hmm maybe this isn't the right place for him if he has thing "thing" against people for their weight, sexuality or owning.. cats? XD;;..... A boy that plays with dolls can be easily looked down on no matter what he is like so xD.... he should rethink his ways! This is a place for ANYONE to enjoy and share their love for ball jointed dolls.

      OH and if you see, a lot of the guys that replied are straight. My good friend is a straight male who is quite thin & in shape and has interests in ball jointed dolls. So, to stereotype is a bit immature ^^;;.

      I hope he can open up and be more relaxed & accepting of the hobby :)
    18. Oh... Sorry if that sounded offending, it's not that he has anything against people who is overweight or homosexuals... It was more like yeah a steriotype kinda joke, the describtion fits on most of the bjd owners here ^^
      Im sorry.
    19. Well I can understand that being a joke but like I said, most of the guys that replied already said they are not homosexual :). And I don't think its right to just assume they are all overweight xD

      Either way my point was only that it shouldnt matter how people look or what they are. We all love ball jointed dolls and thats all that should matter :D
    20. My ex used to make the saaame joke about people in my hobby being overweight, or owning a cat. Honestly I think the hobby draws all sorts of people..

      *girl who snuck into thread out of curiostiy* xD