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Calling all mums and dads! pros and cons of each anthro doll?

May 6, 2008

    1. So, i'm sitting here after work, chilling out with my Amazon Kindle and a whole metric butt load of fox dolls...and i got to thinking:
      For those of us with Anthro dolls, which ones do we find MOST successful?

      Now, just in case you think i am being a rampant speciesist ^_^, i'm not out to diss different dolls because they aren't my favorite animal, etc...i am mostly concerned with what most BJD owners are i suppose....poseability, weight, value of doll, versatility, style, etc...i hope we can sort of start a little 'potential buyers database' or something, so that those of us interested in the fuzzier children can have some comparisons about those tiny details that the human BJDs get to enjoy.

      bear in mind, i am really quite new to this hobby, so i may be getting it wrong, but here's my role call so far, with the dolls i own, and ones i have ordered or are planning to order:

      PIPOS DOLL: (Heero, Limited Bao, basic Bao, Pipos Rooney, Pipos Ringo)
      In my opinion, Pipos has some of the most delicate, ethereal sculpts and fullsets. they really have fine tuned and cornered their little market on gorgeous, skilled craft...their face-ups are some of the most beautiful i have seen...they seem to come closest to the same aesthetic on the human dolls that lots of people go for...they seem to be pretty reasonably priced as far as dolls go, their fullsets can be pricey, (450 or up) but as tinies go you get really nicely crafted clothing, although their little extras can leave to be desired....My Limited Bao's mail bag is cute, but could be more intricately detailed but his face up is so gorgeous i forgive him XD the same goes for the Rooney i have just ordered. they also have an interesting note that each body is different..the bao is slimmer, more mature, the Heero/Nero/Baha is more childlike, etc. i think that their resin is a little lighter in weight than some of the same sized dolls, but still silky and pleasant to hold.

      DOLLZONE: (Fox doll, Sheep)
      Dollzone has some craaaaaaaaazy looking fellows XD it looks like these guys have a tendency to push their sculpts, and they end up with some very unique, sometimes almost odd or frightening faces. In my opinion, their size, coupled with the fact that they have avoided the 'tail' issue altogether, makes them very versatile to dress...they also seem to invite a lot more modding. The sculpts all have the same body type....and it's just a little awkward for me...their shoulders and hips have the same sort of blocky proportion, and there is no distinction in the toes and feet of each different doll. they are really reasonably priced...a fullset doesn't go over 300, and the basics don't go over 200. i haven't purchased a face up on one of these little fellows, so if anyone has some info, pass it on!

      Luts Zuzu Delf: (Doctor Persi, Nurse Papi, Pilot Papi)
      I am really impressed with these little guys. out of my 4 different brands of doll, these have the best poseability, hands down (even out of the human dolls i own) although their sculpts are not as delicate as that of Pipos, they have way more articulation, and hold it better. they also have very diverse, beautiful costume sets. At about 330 dollars for a full set, they're a good deal. They have really dear little accessories...well made and detailed. Their resin is weighty and pleasant to hold, and their face ups, while not as...help me out here...soft handed? as Pipos,they have a lot more character. they have magnetized tails (well, the cats do) so that's a plus for clothing!

      DollFactory PoPo (Pet Fox)
      These guys get my seal of approval for being so TINY yet detailed! if you get in close to their faces, you find that they have some of the best little details...tiny tiny claws, little nostrils, lips, tear ducts....and that's more than some of the tiny people dolls i've seen. their face ups are a little thick and shiny for my tastes, but they're still lovingly painted. i love how small they are...definite plus for me since i'm not into big hulking monsters...8F...(no offence to the Mecha Angels out there ^_^) they are not very poseable, perhaps because i do not have much experience with restringing/sueding and the like, but they do what they are supposed to, they just don't hold anything too well. They're about 175 dollars with face up, and to my knowledge, they don't do fullsets yet on Dollfactory.

      Anyway, that's my very rambly information! i'd love to read what others have to say about their dolls, and about dolls that i don't own especially!
    2. Nice summary! I wish I could add to it, but you have the same anthros I do. Probably everyone does what I do, buy because they love the face, but it's nice to know what to expect vis-a-vis resin and posability.
    3. I have a limited Strawberry Ringo and the face-up is so beautiful and incredibly well-done. Their bodies are definitely the closest to the same aesthetic on the human dolls and are light weight as well. This is my second Ringo and Pipos has definitely become my preferred anthro/animal doll company. Even though pipos dolls can be expensive, however you definitely get what you pay for and pipos dolls are well worth the amount of money spent as they are exceptionally well made.
    4. I don't have a lot to compare since I only have my Dollzone bunny, but so far I haven't found a single thing wrong with her.....except that she is hard to get and took a while to be able to get for a price I could do.

      She doesn't have a face-up, but even without one, her coloring is so beautiful, I would be happy even if she never got one. I think she looks more like a real rabbit than some of the other rabbit sculpts out there although they are adorable as well. She poses perfectly, stands on her own, and it is easy to find things for her to wear. I just can't say enough good things about her.
    5. I have a Rooney and a Persi. I love my Rooney--Mr Chocolate Sprinkles The Girl Bunny. She stands, she poses, she has expressive ears and a great face. The Persi is another story. Not only did it take forever to come, but it came without having the paid for paw painting. While they were willing to paint the paws if I sent them back, the whole thought of taking them off and shipping overseas was too much for me to deal with. She does not really stand, and I am a newbie, and kind of concerned about taking her apart without help. I live in the middle of nowhere, so it will be a while until I find someone or a group to learn from...I do plan to change her default eyes, as well. She is okay, but not the dream doll I first saw on Ebay and then 'had' to order from Luts. She is much heavier than the Rooney, which also makes me more concerned about a fall. I guess I will just have to see how it all pans out after I get the paint and Mr Super Clear and do her paws and replace her eyes, but, for the present time...I much prefer the quality of Pipos...
    6. anthros are what got my started in bjd. i have a pink pipos baha, limited pipos nero, pipos limited bao, pipos ringo witch, buddydoll nicky (cat off topic here), a elfdoll black catsy, and i have a petdoll ant coming (also off topic here). i wish i would have gotten a petdoll mori dog before they quit making them (another off topic doll here).

      my favorites are the limited pipos nero and the buddydoll nicky. nero was only made for a short time so i was pleased to get him i love his color and he is just too cute. my buddydoll nicky face up is very very detailed and i think she is cute as they come.

      moogie602 tryputting wire or pipe cleaner up the legs that will help with posing. pipe cleaners are a wonderful thing.
    7. I have a DZ Petdoll fox that started out with the standard factory face-up and body blushing, which is quite nice, but the default face-up is a tad boring IMO. Since then, I have enhanced the factory face-up to add more character and pizazz to my little guy. He is a special mold. My only complaint is dude does'nt stand very well, but holds sitting poses and arm positions well.
    8. I have a Pipos Bao (LE) and he's totally awesome.

      Although he tends to be a bit kicky since I don't play with him much. That darn LE faceup is the problem, I don't wanna mess it up. ~.~
    9. Pipos Baha can be a bit top heavy in my opinion. It's hard to get Seuss-a to balance sometimes...*wibble wobble*...
    10. this is an interesting thread. Other than Puki's, all my tiny's are Cats. Here are a few likes/dislikes of some of the brands:

      I have a hard time saying I have a favorite tho I lean towards my Catsy's and CAmillia Dynasty turkish kitty. I suppose that is because the smaller/daintier, the better.

      Camellia Dynasty: I was a little skeptical when I ordered this little guy, Little Wong but I realy love him. I got the white with face up. At last count I had ten kitties but Little Wong is the only one that is made ti actually sit on his haunches like a real cat. the others all have more humanlike limbs. It does make him more difficult to dress but he's a real "doll."

      I love my Myu. The magnets aren't strong enough tho. I've managed to get half out by soaking to replace which has helped. The others I'm still working on. She's a real cutie. I got the Siamese edition. I found a lot of Bratz things that fit her.

      Luts Black Persia: Wow this is some kitty. There is NO marbling in the resin. I did drop him once and had a small piece of resin near his ear sliver off. It wasn't big enough to glue back on. I an kind of tell, the black resin isn't as dark and shiny as it was. he is the perfect size. He can wear all the boys Bratz clothes. I had to paint his claws white cause they were left plain black like the rest of the resin.

      Aku--limited pink. this is one daring kitty. My only real problem with her is she is hard to dress. She's sort of pear shaped.

      Ringo/Mango are both adorable. Mango's paint job is incredible. (I got the limited version) They are a bit difficult to get clothes for. Seems like Pipos could have done a bit better job with the jointing on the arms. They seem a bit boxy, but overall these are darling kitties.

      Personally, I'd like to see someone come up with something that truly looks long haired. I'd also like to see some of the companies make it easier to order from. Overall things are pretty simple and keep getting better. (My poor wallet) After you've played with them a bit you tend to learn who likes what; what fits who and who needs an extra coating to prevent yellowing.

      I have to say I adore my PUki's. I never seen to have money when the new ones come out so I supose I will have to be happy with the three I have. (Sheesh, I'm so spoiled, I have a bunch of parts to lean from past summer) Along tht subject I'm really excited over the Little FEe I preodered. Well, nitenite for now. I'm pooed out! Hope thishelped a bit Cat
    11. I wish it was easier to find white Catsy's....I don't care for the black Catsy as much. Black resin seems like it would fade more.
    12. I love my Baha once I got used to the head...which is now slipping off from being loose.

      She's hard to get clothes for...that's the only thing about her I don't like.
    13. Good idea for a thread!

      I have an Alice Cherry Blossom, Julia Cherry Blossom, and Pipos Basic Robin.

      ACB: I love that the back of her head removes very easily, but I've only switched it out once and the back part is already coming loose. Also, her eyelashes refuse to stay in place and get easily crimped or stick out funny. I know this is a common problem with Alices. Oh, and mine arrived with a beautiful faceup but a broken ear. They are quite fragile and their ears stick up well above their heads, making them easy to break! Overall I'm happy with her, especially now that I got some Kelly shoes for her to wear, making it possible for her to stand on her own. Can't wait to get the fixed head!

      JCB: Cutest dolly ever. Really ridiculously small though, so small that it can be hard to maneuver her and place her in photos. She's very top-heavy too, and her hooves are so small that she can't stand on her own. I also can't get her damn pacifier to stay in her little mouth. She's so darling though that I love her despite any problems.

      Robin: I haven't had my Robin for very long, but so far I have noticed zero flaws. Her big feet allow her to stand up, and she is heavier and more sturdy than the elfdolls. She probably can't wear any shoes available on the market, but since she can stand alone I don't really mind! She has a really delicate sculpt and lovely faceup, I just cannot gush about her enough. And I actually really like that she doesn't have eyelashes b/c they're such a pain on Alice.

      Hope that other people find that info helpful!
    14. I have a dollzone fox on his way to me when i have paid his last payment hopefully next week. he will come with a custom furry tail too :fangirl:

      However I'm completey smitten wih the Pipos foxes! I think I need one hehe I love the enrmouse ears! and the gentle faces. I'm not 100% sure on the dollzone fox's ears as they seem to flop backwards and the headcap doesnt seem to line up with the rest of the face too well if you knwo what I mean? it looks like alot of people hide this behind headbands and so on.
    15. I have a mouse doll from Lumedoll--haven't seen any mention of her. I like that she is adorable without a wig. She doesn't have a tail, either, so she is easy to dress.
    16. This thread was a lot of help to me!
    17. I actually think that the DollZone Petfox is great! He stands well and sits and poses great. My general problem is getting clothing for him. Most of the outfits out there are for girls and regardless of sex- I find him to be a hard size to shop for.
    18. I have a LE Pipos Bao, and as adorable as he is, we just can't bond ~.~
      He's a gorgeous sculpt and I definitely want a Pipos Cheshire or two.....or five.. lmao
    19. I wanted to agree with an above poster that the posing for Luts Zuzu Delf dolls isn't so great :( I have a Pasturer Wolffy and she doesn't even come close to holding the poses that my Pipos Heero can pull off. It may be because she is a bit more loosely strung than my Heero though. I'd imagine that if I strung her a bit tighter it wouldn't help her hold poses anymore which is a shame since she is so cute!
    20. Anyone here have any of the Coco Tribe dolls? I may be adding one or two to my future doll list. AKA the "when I win the lottery or get a better job" list. :lol: Also, if anyone has the off-topic Cesar, could you pm me? I have questions.