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Calling BJDs "It"

Jul 13, 2010

    1. ANything having to do with this.

      Sorry for my stupidness, I worded it wrong. ALL FIXED. i really have diarrhea of the mouth.
    2. I haven't really seen people calling their dolls "it"! I personally would say "him" or "her". If the doll has an obvious gender "it" would feel strange...

      Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe some people would call their dolls "it" because him or her would feel too human. "It" clearly states it's an object. Certain people might have that need or use "it" to suit the needs or feelings about dolls of other people.
    3. Sometimes I do say "it," when I'm talking about the doll as an object or talking to non-doll people who aren't particularly interested. More often, I think I say "he" or "she," especially when talking about the doll as a shell for a character, or talking to other doll owners.

      I don't think it's any of my business to pass judgment on what other people call their BJDs. (And it's spelled "weird," not "wierd," BTW.)
    4. i named one of the Wild Horses "IT" . :)
    5. for me, IT is only for things without gender. dolls have one. even though they are just objects.
      in french there is no IT, so it doesnt feel too personnal for me to call my doll she or him :) i'm used that way.
      but i seriously do not care what others call their doll. for some people, they are just a pretty piece of plastic kept in a glass box and they feel no attachment to them...
    6. I usually refer to dolls by their gender, but it's a personal thing! If someone calls their doll "it" then it's fine with me, it just means they don't see their doll in quite the same "animate" way I do, I guess. But I don't like it when people call my boy "it". After all, he clearly IS a boy ;) and it seems to dehumanize him in a way I find weirdly hurtful. Still what other people call their dolls is nothing to do with me!
    7. I don't like or dislike the pronoun "it" and it's none of my business what other people use to refer to their possessions. I think it's nitpicky to concern yourself about what other owners call their own dolls.

      I think it sounds better when talking to non-doll people to use "it" when referring to BJDs if you're at all worried about putting people off or sounding creepy. Using he or she may sound like you believe the doll is alive or "real" even though it's the common way to refer do dolls among BJD owners.
    8. If I'm referring to a specific doll that is male or female, I'll go with gender-based pronouns, as appropriate. If I'm referring to something in the abstract -- for instance, "If you have a doll like this, you can change its wig or eyes like this," -- I'll use it. I don't find any of the above particularly troubling, nor do I like it, really. It's casual language to me and nothing more.
    9. I refer to dolls by their gender, and that's what I usually hear other people do as well. How people refer to their dolls is obviously up to them -- it feels a lot more natural for me to say he or she.
    10. I don't mind when others call them it, but I prefer them to be called by gender. Although when people ask about them, I usually say "it" to not freak them out too much. xD
    11. I normally call my dolls 'he' or 'she', when I'm not referring to them by their names or sculpt names. My most recent incoming, however, was called 'it'. It was a RS An. The reason I called that An it? The head was going on a female body I wad waiting as soon as I got it home, and the body was going to a different head. So it was part female, and part male, to me. So it was...well...it. NOW, though, there are Carla (the head on a female body) and Carlos (her twin brother who got the body for his floating head). Still, though, when referring to the doll BEFORE I split the head and body, I still call it 'it'.
    12. I never reffer to my dolls as "it" because they do have a specific gender, and I can prove it. Sometimes non-doll people will call one of my boys "it", but that's only because they seem uncertain whether or not my pretty long-haired doll is a boy or a girl.
    13. I didnt mean to say the last question like that... i phrased it wrong... sorry.
    14. I wouldn't say I 'like' it, nor dislike it, I guess it's down to personal taste.

      I can understand non-bjd owners calling them 'it's, it may seem weird to some to call them by their gender and I respect that.

      Personally, I refer to my dolls by their gender, I do the same with other people's unless they specify otherwise~
    15. It's pretty normal for non-doll owners to refer to a doll as an "it". I can't say I blame most of them considering how androgynous most dolls are. /bad joke
      But yeah thinking, from a non-owner's standpoint, calling an object "him" or "her" would seem a bit strange, so it doesn't really bother me when someone outright calls one of my boys an "it".
    16. I guess I'd only say "it" if talking about specific & technical things like resin, joints, etc...
    17. Some people say "it" because a doll, after all, is an object that one plays with. I think those who aren't in the hobby often say it than those who aren't in it. It's normal.
    18. I use both gender pronouns and "it" when talking about dolls. I'll use "it" when discussing dolls specifically as objects. This is my pronoun of choice when talking to people who are not interested in dolls. I use "he" or "she" when discussing certain dolls or when discussing dolls with someone else who is interested in dolls, because they expect gender pronouns. I don't mind one way or another.
    19. I call my little Soombie "it" because I'm sick and tired of everyone saying it's a he?! or she?! and all that. When I say "It" they don't think of gender at all and it's a real relief for me not to be annoyed or bothered by people criticizing my doll's gender. Sooms teenies have gender neutral bodies anyways, so it doesn't bother me that bad to call it "it"~ xD
    20. That's a good point to mention! I have a friend with Luts Honey Delf, and those have genderless bodies. For some people, it might feel more natural to say a doll is an "it" if they have no distinguishing gender features.

      Personally, I refer to my dolls as "he" or "she" depending on the character I have in mind for them (if they're on a genderless body, like my Off-Topic Hujoo) or the gender of the body they're on.

      This may get a little confusing for others later on, as I have a tiny boy on the way that I fully plan to put in frilly dresses...