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Camellia Dynasty 3 new MSD boys

Sep 11, 2008

    1. News thread here. ^__^

      Longway, Longpoem and Longago, new MSD boys from CD.

      What do you think? I kind of like all three of them (Longago has weird shape of face though), but Longpoem (and Om) is something I'm considering now...
    2. I like Longago the most! He has something melancholic in him.
      He has unusuall face shape indeed but that makes him special in my eyes.
      And he is cuute <3 <3 <3!
    3. I have to say, though Longago's face shape is a little odd, I've fallen in love with his bottom lip. :aheartbea_:aheartbea It's so cute I want to poke it.
      I think the photos for Longway aren't terribly flattering, which is a pity.

      They're all very cute though. ;3
    4. They have the most adorable eyes. ;o; Rather tempting...
    5. They are all adorable :D
    6. I have a CD doll and I have to say he is VERY poseable. The only thing that could be improved is how he sits, his thighs don't seem to fit in the sockets very well. Other than that, he's an absolute dream, and SO cute!
    7. What CD doll do you have?

      I wonder about new boys, if they have the same body as the limited Om and Abrakadabra, or new ones...

      Sure! The first thing I thought when I saw the boys, was: "how cuteeee!". Especially Longago with his weird face. ^^'

      Oh my, how much I want a CD boyyy. *.*
    8. I just found out about these boys the other day and I'm completely in love with them! Especially Longpoem! So cuuuute! I love how sad he looks. One of these little guys is definitely on my wishlist now!
    9. I have Abracadabra ^^ Like I said, the body is lovely, could do with one or two improvements, but if it's the same body I certainly wouldn't be upset about it. If it's a new body, I'll be really looking forward to seeing what changes have been made.

    10. hello lunameth,

      does abracadabra come with the new hands? i wanted to get longpoem but his hand pics were a bit disconcerting. the fingers seem distorted. could you send me pics of abracadabra and his new hands to help me decide? my email is spaghetyboy@yahoo.com. i asked camellia dynasty to send me pics but they replied with a non working site. please help me! thanks.

    11. Camellia Dynasty has such adorable dolls! I loved the first two, but now these new three are beautiful. I just can't decide which one I like the most.
    12. I just got a Longpoem, and he was good quality for the price C: But, I'm not so much in love with the way the hands are sculpted. Hopefully there will be different hands n' things you can buy in the near future.. : oooo
    13. I bought THE last Om.. it's nice they bid the limited ones a blessing on the site.
      http://www.camelliadynasty.com/cdm_om.html Now the waiting begins. I didn't get a face up from them. None of my dolls have eye lashes, for some reason I don't care for lashes.
    14. You're lucky to have the last one! I bought mine last months, and there weren't many Om left after mine! (three if I remember). I received it 15 days after command.
      I love it, he stand very well, can wear the clothes of my MSD volks and I got some nice gifts with him: little cat ears.
    15. I think getting your own faceup is good, I like eyelashes a lot but I wasn't crazy about the lashes my longway came with although I loved how it was painted. For me it was a decision between Om and Longway.
      The hands are a little strangely shaped but I love the body. My three housemates all have various dolls and they're amazed at just how easily he stands on his own compared to most other dolls. It's a shame there's no skin tone choice, I always find Longway looks quite yellow compared to my friends dolls.
      I didn't get cat ears :( but I did get a little cute white cat which lies across his head :D
      congrats on getting that last Om
    16. Longago looks really great, I like the different face shape alot. Definitely considering saving up for him :3
    17. the other great thing about them is that they didn't cost very much money at all, which is very convenient, especially for first time buyers as I was when I bought from there ^^

      My only complaint is that the clothes and wigs that you can get with them aren't great (I got abracadabra's outfit in addition.) But the dolls are lovely whyich is the important thing ;)