can any unoa faceplate go on a 1.5 body?

Sep 13, 2017

    1. If i got a unoa boy/ girl can i interchange the faceplates from any gender?
      I hope this makes sense :C
    2. There's nothing stopping you from putting any head on any body as long as it fits! In fact it seems to me since joining the hobby there are a lot of face sculpts that are fairly androgynous.

      I think there are plenty of people who put "girl" face sculpts on boy bodies and vice versa. you do you!

      Edit: I just saw that you meant face plates, whoops! point still stands. I have no idea about the face plates though. I would assume both would fit on the same head cap but I could be wrong - I'll let someone else more knowledgeable answer now I guess LOL
    3. Yes, the headback can hold Lusis, Sist, B-el and L-bi all equally well! (:
    4. Yes, they are interchangeable! Even the Chibi faceplates will fit the 1.0 or 1.5 headbacks.
    5. Ah, the chibi and elders actually have "prongs" on their faceplates that won't fit onto the standard unoa bodies without a bit of modding!
      All the "standard" unoas can interchange, but because of the prongs (used on elders/chibis to string them together in a way that the faceplates don't pop off as easy as the older unoas) they won't sit right. I believe there's photos of these on Unoalchemy :)
    6. Awww, my bad, sorry!
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