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Can anyone tell me anything about Contemporary Doll Shoppe?

Jun 14, 2007

    1. Has anyone had any experience with this E-bay seller? They've got an online site as well here. I purchased my first ever bjd in a buy it now auction last Thursday. I paid for priority shipping and she hasn't shown up yet. That's not such a big deal except that I can't seem to contact the seller. I sent a message through e-bay three days ago to inquire when\if the doll had shipped. Then yesterday I sent an e-mail to the address listed on the webpage. This morning I sent an e-mail to the address the paypal went through to. The mail came and went today without a package so I called but no one answered and I left a message.
      I know I'm probably being impatient, but my last e-bay experience (not with Karen - with a totally differnet seller - just to clarify) was less than stellar and I'd love for my jangled nerves to be soothed by a message from the seller just letting me know that I haven't wasted my time and money.
    2. Hello, I can't seem to get to you through Ebay or your e-mail and I saw this posted here. Your doll went out and has a delivery date of 6-18. I don't have the track# here with me but will try to send it again when I get back to the computer with the info tonight. I did send the track# and info in both messages that I sent. I also checked my voice mail and do not have a message from you so I can't call! It did go out and I really have been answering your e-mails from all requests!
      Karen-Contemporary Artist Dolls
    3. :D
      Oh thank goodness! I was hoping that you were a member here! I'll pm you my e-mail addy from here. Something has probably gone screwy with my personal one so I'll send you my (more reliable) work one.

      I feel so much better now. :)
    4. I have known and dealt with Karen, for years. I highly recommend her.