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Can Iplehouse EID modelbody wear EID sh-body clothes?

Sep 8, 2011

    1. As the title says, I am wondering if the Iplehouse EID modelbody wear EID sh-body clothes?
      Have no idea if it will look weird or if you just get more of a baggy look?
      I'm talking especially about pants.
      Anyone tried?
    2. Judging by the measurements I have for both, you might need a belt (and belt loops!) on the slacks, and the SH clothing would be a bit big in the arms and chest for the Model body, but you could in a pinch put the bigger clothes on a Model and achieve a loose comfortable look.
    3. They can, but the fit won't be great, particuarly for pants. There will be alot of baggyness around the arse area, and the length will be quite abit to short. I have a Model lounging in EID size pants 'till I get around to making clothes for him, which is where that judgement is from (:
    4. Iplehouse has sold outfits in the past that dont specify Model or SH so I am sure the size difference is minimal.
    5. Depends on the pants in particular.
      The HipHop pants are baggy on both guys, but do stay up on both - better with a belt.
      I just realized today that I'd put one of my model guys into the 2pm (black stripe) pants that were sh sized. They went on and stayed on. I really didn't notice until I was taking them off, and thinking I hadn't ordered those jeans in model size... and tried them on one of my sh boys - and they fit. XD

      If you don't mind not having the Perfect Fit, I think the model boys can wear the sh pants most of the time. The real problem is trying model pants on sh, and that just doesn't work.