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Can Latidoll Green/DoC clothes fit on a Kid delf?

Oct 5, 2008

    1. Because Lati and DoD have cute outfits.
      Thanks in advance!
    2. Lati greens are tinies, albeit big tinies. They're about 30cm tall, I think. Their clothes would be way too small for kid delfs, which are minis and 10+ cm taller.

      I have no idea if DOC clothes fit.
    3. If the outfit was really large, its possible a dress from a Lati Green might fit as a shirt for an msd. I have an MSD shirt that I bought and put it on my Lati Green and it worked as a dress, but only b/c its not a tight fitting outfit.

      On MSD, it was a shirt thats the only picture I have

      On Lati Green
    4. DOCs are very slender. I wouldn't try it with KDs, I hear they're chunkier.
    5. The new KD body seems to be a lot slimmer than the old one. At any rate, Volks MSD stuff is a tad loose on it, and the girl body is a lot slenderer than the Volks MSD body, girl or boy. DOC clothes may very well fit. I'm not really comfortable stating one way or the other until I've seen someone try it.