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can one still get the winged bambycronies??

Jan 9, 2007

    1. I was planning on finally giving a mold to my only tiny character (the bigger ones were coming first but as the FCS thing is not happenning because I am not gonna inflate someone´s wallet worth another msd doll just to place an order for me..), it was going to be winged and I´ve had the hardest time figuring out on how to do that..when..bam!!! they come up just like I wanted

      but I happended to be offline for a long time due to family issues, and as it seems from the website I missed it TT so bummed

      I was planning on a Kumi, what other molds did they give wings to??

      can I still get a kumi or is the event already finished???

      damn it,damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it
      *bangs head on desk*
    2. The event was finished.

      November they was the Kumi and Roko Winged elves
      December they charged $10 for adding wings to any body purchase.

      Have you considered moddingone yourself with magnets and hotglue?
    3. yep^^ , that´s what I was pretty much thinking to do on the first place, when I did not know this kids´d come out. glue magnets in "alla yosd XD" and build the wings

      but as always, examns and stuff postpone my doll purchases when they involve basic mold customizing (which is walwaysXD none of my characters is default ^^U)

      plus this stupid guilty feeling I get when thinking about spending so much on myself....sound stupid but holds me back....bigtime. Been on the hobby for 2 years now and have like 6 defined characters, but only one bjd , and the money saved for a couple more....but never go for it^^

      anyway...back to thinking about customization...wish I´d been onlineTT

      thanks for the reply and.. *looks at signature* good luck getting yor petsha;)
    4. Good luck with the doll modding.

      My petsha hasn't shipped yet and I have a winged roko on the way.

      From various posts btw Bambi did their wings as first batch the magnets in the body were lower more in the middle torso. The second batch were higher set more towards the shoulder blade area.

      I learned from discussion that the bambi bosies are reverse poled to that of Yo-Tenshi wings. The magnet block rpels the Yo wings

      This link has lots of picture

      Hint though if you plan on modding a tiny body with magnets look for a two part torso body. it will be easier to but magnets in
    5. ^^

      I saw that repelling the magnets thing, weird, wonder why they did that, (to avoid volks complaints maybe?)

      I saw that thread right before posting this, the wings position difference and all.....and the pics, so cute..god TT
      anyway, they did´nt clarify wether the event was finished or not
      ...I guess I am the only stupid one who did not know XD

      anyway..thanks for the hint though^^
    6. There's a limited amount of elves for sale at the moment
    7. Someone (I saw) has a winged Kumi for sale. Not sure if it's been sold yet or not.
    8. Right now is there something like 6 elf kumis for sale
    9. Shhhhh....... I still have 4-6 days before I can order one ;)
    10. Order one now, and pay later? xD
    11. How can I do that? I only have 200 in my pp account right now :( My DH won't let dip int omy cc.
    12. Hillbilly > I think you can wait a week with your payment.. They do not take the money by themselves, you have to send the money to them ^^ At least if you use pp, not sure about the other payment methods o.o
    13. damn!
      thay released them again

      family facts kept me offline mostly for a month (except for a couple "not wanting to think about the damn subject" minutes) and more dramatically this week
      for the love of god! worst month ever

      anyway if I have to chooose I´d rather get wings instead of elf ears, of course both would be great

      What are the chances! the very time that´s wordtfor my, the very time they sooounexpectedly decide to re- release some elves