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Can she make you cry ? (Your Perfect Doll)

Apr 6, 2010

    1. (I didn't see a thread that directly related to this subject. If there is one - please point it out and I'll happy relinquish ownership of this thread. XD )

      Have you ever seen that one doll , the one you look at and in an instant , know it's perfect. Everything you want and more. And maybe it even brings tears to your eyes. Your breathing speeds up. You can't speak.
      Do you maybe Dream about getting them ? The beautiful doll starring in your dreams , since even in sleep your subconscious won't let them go.

      This of course applies to more then just "She" 's.

      I've had that experience more then once , and it's certainly something that you'd rather not want to deal with on a regular basis , to be quite honest.

      Has that ever happened to you ?
      Please let me know what it was like when you saw you "Perfect" Doll.
    2. It hasn't happened to me on the internet yet. I dont allow myself to get attatched beforehand, so it won't be a disappointment if I can't get the doll or the doll doesn't turn out the way I thought it would.
      I am however probably going to cry when I recieve my Muse. I haven't felt this way about a doll's arrival since my first doll, and if I remember correctly I shed a tear of happines when I opened her.
      Perfection doesn't make me cry, just flail alot.
    3. This is a really interesting thread! :aheartbea

      When I first got into the BJD hobby (not long ago at all), Amber was the SOOM MD. To me, Amber was (and still is) the most beautiful sculpt I have ever encountered. She is just so amazing! Unfortunately for me, I thought the $700+ was an obscene amount of money to pay, and I honestly had no idea what MD meant (I was REALLY new). So, as time went on, I realized that Amber was only available for a short amount of time, and popping down about $1000 bucks for a doll is pretty normal (not to outsiders :sweat).

      So, I didn't cry when I saw Amber, but I had that giddy feeling in my heart...like falling in love, or something (I sound like a corndog). However, I do want to cry now that I still don't own her, and probably never will! ORZ!
    4. When I opened the box to my first BJD I cried after I put down my camera. I was so moved and since I was going through a very difficult part of my life anyway I found myself very emotional.
    5. My perfect doll was Soom's Euclase. I was just euphoric when I saw the promo pictures. There wasn't any reason attached to it; I just knew I had to have that doll. Even though I wasn't in a good financial place at that time, I managed to find a job with my college and pay him off on layaway, just barely. (the last payment almost didn't go through because my paycheck was a little bit late) I mean, it was like a force of nature. I HAD to have him. Way more than any other doll I felt before then or since. And though I sold my first doll, I can't ever see myself selling my Euclase. Even if he does nothing more than sit around and collect dust, I believe I'll have him forever, unless something should happen, god forbid, like a natural disaster. I would mourn, then.
    6. I have to second oyashiro in regards to Amber. I fell so hard for that doll when she came out that I actually did cry. I felt almost stupid for they way she got to me, but I couldn't help it. I'm glad I was lucky enough to bring her home. ^__^
      I also fell very hard for Iplehouse's NC Tedros. I never cried over him, but I dreamed of him for a week straight!
    7. I was like that with my first doll Duchess <3
      I didn't cry but I stared for a good 5 mins at her pic
    8. Not yet. It hard for me to pick my doll, there were things I liked about many but I still have yet to find a 'full package' and I have looked at TONS of companies. I think I might get the face of one doll and the body of another sometime, hopefully I can get the skin to match closely. ;) There is always something like I want the chin to be rounder, the cheek bones to be higher, the nose to be less pointy, etc.
    9. I can't say I've had that feeling, nor do I think I ever will. It's just not who I am. No material items have ever made me feel like that, only humans. My dolls are beloved and beautiful, but I don't feel that intense, personal connection to them that many do. Even my first doll didn't make me have a freak-out moment of excitement, I was just excited that I owned something so unique!
    10. Oh boy... Yeah, actually, this happened with my boy Cass (DM Maunier Adam) when I first saw him- there weren't tears or anything, but I remember thinking to myself that he was absolutely everything I had ever wanted in a doll sculpt- right down to the most adorable little dimple in his chin. I seriously mooned over his picture on the dollmore site for something like a year before I finally put down the $500 to bring him home. Not a lot I know, since some people have mentioned Monthly dolls, but honestly, I am so super duper attached to Cass, more than I like to admit- mostly because of how much I wanted him.
    11. It's happened to me a few times actually. Not the crying bit, but the part about knowing instantly that they're perfect. At that point, it's hopeless for me. I usually always end up buying the doll. Actually, for the Fairyland Littlefee Ante, I ended up buying two. Luckily...it doesn't happen to me too often...
    12. Your very lucky that you are able to get them.
      The one I fell for is in the market place , and there is no possible way such a beautiful doll , with such a nice price , will stay there very much longer.
      The type of doll doesn't appeal to me all that much , it's just THAT doll.
      She's perfect.

      I know why ~
      Your Duchess is gorgeous.
    13. Oh sure, the right kind of beauty always makes my eyes pour forth water :-) Be it music, paint, dollies, or nature. Be glad that you're an aesthete. The world needs more of us.

    14. I completely understand that.
      I never pegged myself for the type.
      But when I saw her. . .man oh man -
      Maybe it was knowing that I'd never get her.
      I'm slightly heart-broken at the moment.

      I can sympathize.
      It's tough falling for a unattainable doll.
    15. Interesting. I haven't had any true emotion towards dolls...until i found a SOOM mecha angel Corvi in the marketplace. at first I said he looks nice I'll keep it in mind for when my tax return comes in. As the seller bumped the doll everyday and I took peaks at him i started falling in love with him. finally after a week of looking at him i contacted the seller and put a deposit on him. a week later I had him and was opening him up. As soon as i saw his head I thought he is SOOO HANDSOME! i'm glad I bought him.

      With all my other dolls I was happy to have them but this big guy...I tell people about him and I want to take him everywhere and show him off. I'm surprised I love such a huge doll too lol.
    16. Your awfully lucky.
      How do you think you'd feel now if you hadn't got him ?
      (*sigh* I need it for future reference. . .)
    17. I got emotional when I fitted the perfect wig for Hikaru that made him 100% complete, but it didn't exactly lead me to tears. I just got so pumped and energetic from excitement, like "D***Hikaru, you're too AWESOME!" I could've ran a 5k race easily with that energy, and with no regret either. :XD:
    18. Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it stays available for you for awhile. You never know. Sometimes people just look for certain dolls on the marketplace, so they might miss some good ones. ;)
    19. Thank You very much.
      I wish I could be optimistic too.
    20. It's worth saying art has made me teary eyed, for sure, but not anything that's ever belonged to me. I like looking at truly gorgeous things, but I wouldn't want to own them...I'd want everyone to see them. :) My dolls are a special kind of beauty, more personal, but less intense for me.