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Can Volks SD boys wear SD13 clothing?

May 14, 2007

    1. I've never owned an SD10 size doll before and most of my doll clothing are SD13 Boy size.

      I was wondering: Can SD13 male pants fit SD10 boys? Hip and length wise? (I hate loose trousers. >__<)

      Also, how are SD13 shirts, hoodies, tops fit like on SD10 boy torsos?

      Thanks in advance. :D
    2. SD10 boys are small. They can wear SD13 boys' things, but they're baggy and loose, and the sleeves and legs are long. :sweat Unfortunately, not even Volks offers very much in the SD size for boys and finding clothes is really rather difficult. I've managed to find a few SDboy outfits on Yahoo!Japan for my Yugiri, who is SD13 girl sized, but is a boy, but they really are few and far between. :( Good luck!
    3. Oh crap I'm doomed, lol. ;____; I forgot to add to my post but, how about shoes? Can SD13 boy shoes fit SD10 boys? @____@

      So basically SD13 pants don't fit SD10 waist at all huh? :/

      Thanks very much and goodluck with your Yugiri too! ^__^
    4. No, SD13 boy shoes are quite a bit too big for SD10 feet. Non-high-heel SD13 girl shoes work, and so do all the shoes sold as "SD10/13" (such as the sneakers that are available from lots of sellers on eBay and elsewhere).
    5. SD10 boys are actually really close in size to SD10 and SD13 GIRLS. Depending on what you want, sometimes you can buy girl shoes or pants, and they fit beautifully. Shoe-wise, they have small feet, and unisex styled girls shoes are really the only way to go. I've been told Luts boy pants fit them better because Luts boys are slimmer, but I didn't have my boy that long and can't confirm.

      SD13 boy pants will fit SD10 boys with underwear or a belt, but it will be loose and too long. My boy rolled his pant legs up and dealt with it. XD
    6. Ohh, thank you very much Cynthia and Honooko. ^^ Hmm, I wonder if SOOM or Dollkot clothes might fit then. XD Their boys are usually quite slim.

      Has anyone tried Dollheart SD10/13 shoes on SD10 boys then? They don't have a seperate SD13 Boy category for shoes but yet the shoes seem a tad big... @__@
    7. Luts boys trousers fit the SD10 boys brilliantly, and so do the shirts and things.

      Soom things would be a little skinny - the SD10 tush is waaay bigger than the Soom boy's tush. ^_^
    8. There's a fair amount of SD10 boy clothes on VolksUSA right now, and they almost always do come out with one outfit to fit the boys with every clothing fair and Dolpa. Marsh here on DoA also makes wonderful pants that fit the boys perfectly ;)
    9. Dollheart SD/SD13 shoes will fit SD10 boys; anything that fits an SD10 or SD13 girl's foot will fit, as if you look closely, they all share the same feet. On the upside, those converse sneakers that fit girls but not SD13 boys do fit SD10 boys. Dollheart SD13 shoes/boots will fit but be a little on the loose side, but my SD10 boy still has a couple pair.

      A pic so you can see how they look on:


      As usagi mentioned, Volks does make things for SD10 boys, just check what they're supposed to fit. Oftentimes there will be two of the same item listed on Volks USA and if you check the details one will be to fit SD13 boys specifically (that's the larger one), and one will be to fit girls or boys (that should fit SD10). An example is the Hip Hop outfit on the site right now...it comes in two colorways, one is for SD/13 girls or SD10 boys, the other is for long-leg SD13 boys.

      ...and as an incomplete aside, Hewitt II's default boots fit SD10 boys. o_0 They're a bit...huge for a mini.
    10. i always have a hard time finding clothes for sd10boy, i have m.michael (short legs) and even volks sd10 look big on him >_>...
      he can wear anything sd10boy/girl including shoes. i THINK he can wear DD size pants (cos i have i pair that i cant remember if there DD or not...) he can wear sd13girl shirts if its not a big bust size. sd13 pants are way too long, same for luts boys BUT luts boy pants fit better. sd13 shirts are too long but look cute in a little brother kinda way <3 sd13 shoes are too big. dollmore sd shoes are hit or miss, i have a pair of sneakers from them that fit awesome.
      and thats everything ive tried on my little boy!
    11. I'll add that I have the Michael body on my boy too, and he can wear Doll Heart and Luts girl clothing perfectly, including shoes.
    12. Thanks for the photo and information. :D Are the Dollheart shoes from the SD10/13 GIRL category or the SD10/13 Boy category? :aheartbea
    13. Lune ~ the dollheart shoes would be the ones in the SD10/13 girl category. :) SD10 boys have such smaller feet than SD13 boys, I don't understand why they even have that other category. :? And for SD10 boy clothes, just get SD girl clothes! Unless they're specially shaped for boobs (lol) then they usually fit fine! Luts boy tops are a pretty good fit too, IF they're not long sleeved! XD

      And takira, thanks for posting! I have Hewitt II's boots, but I never thought to try them on my SD10's. *_* Yay!
    14. SD10 boys can be a pain to fit into stuff but it's worth it 'cause they are such lovely boys. :D

      As already stated, as well as making SD10 boy stuff, Volks' SD10 girl and SD13 girl stuff also tends to work fine, so long as it's not too big in the bust. I often buy Volks' girl outfits for the shirts and then sell/give away the skirts.
      All Volks SD10 shoes will fit, I have several pairs of those. Most places that do SD10/SD13 girls shoes will fit, as they share the exact same feet. (I have SD10 girl shoes from LeeKe and MinoruWorld that are a perfect fit.)
      Luts boy outfits will fit, depending of course on the outfit, but I have one with shorts and a kimono-esque top that fits like a dream:
      (Those pictured shoes are the MinoruWorld, btw.)
      MuseDoll girl clothes also fit SD10 boy, I have this set and the jumper fits my boy perfect:
      Occasionally nice stuff comes up on Y!JA if you watch obsessively.. there's not a lot of SD10 boy stuff that comes up, but what DOES tends to be pretty nice, and doesn't always get all that much bidding. A lot of watching there scored me some of my all-time favourite outfits:
      (Yes, that was designed for a boy, skirt and all :sweat)
      But of course it depends on what you're looking for!

      Good luck! It can be frustrating but it is worth it when you get the perfect outfit. :D
    15. Dolly: Thanks for the verification! :D Gaah, I only have shoes in the SD10/13 Male category. XD Time to save up!

      Cassiel: Wee, thanks for the information! Your boy is gorgeous btw. ^^ I'm in the midst of planning a F-34 SD10 boy in FCS with white skin... I'm not entirely sure about the head yet though honestly. I'm scared it might look a little large on a SD10 boy body but for my character, the SD13 male body doesn't fit. >__<

      Thank you! :D I hope it won't be too frustrating that'd I'll get fed up with the SD10... >___<
    16. Thank you very much! :blush I love him absolutely to bits. :aheartbea

      I think that the F-34 will be fine on the SD10 boy body. Quite a few people order this head on the SD13 girl body, which has a slimmer neck, much like the SD10 boy. (I think in fact they're about the same.) So I really think it will look fine. chiquitita on the forums here owns a F-34 on SD13 girl and would probably be happy to take more pics for you if you wanted to get a clearer idea of the head/neck proportions.

      I don't think that you'll get fed up with the SD10 boy body.. :) It's a beautiful body (I really love it!) and it's nice to have size variations in your family! I will suggest, though, that you buy clothes for him in advance. if you have at least one or two outfits already before he arrives, you will find it much less frustrating than trying to scrabble to find clothes once you get him -- especially if (like mine) he is very 'particular' about what he will and won't wear! I had 3 or 4 outfits already in hand when my boy arrived and it made things a lot easier. :) I felt like I could relax more about finding him future outfits, and take my time to find the perfect things for him.
    17. Cassiel: Thank you for the help and reassurance! I would definitely look for some clothes before he arrives. Sounds like a great idea. ^^

      Ofcourse, I would submit pictures to your FCS database! :D Cheers. :)
    18. I have a early hypermaniac boy/s and they really need clothing, He is very slim about the size of an SD10 boy in height as well as body.

      I am interested in the SD13 volks clothing for standard legs, shirts, jackets pants etc... I have looked at comparison pics already but still can't be sure if he might get away with wearing SD13.

      HOWEVER how bad will it be? can anyone give me your experience and photos if you have them dealing with standard SD13 volks boy clothes. Not sure if this should have gone in photo request but I am open to just words rather than pics too.
    19. I have both SD10 boy and SD13 boys, and so far...clothing proves to be quite an adventurous affair for my SD Mark since most clothing is designed and tailored to fit SD13.

      For long pants, the legs will definitely be too long. However, I get away with that by tucking the excess length into his boots/shoes xD; The thigh area of SD10 has no problem with SD13 pants, they fit nicely ^^ Same goes to the waist area, no problem.

      Shirts or T-shirts.... the shoulder width and the arm length are the main problems. I don't really mind the baggy top look so much, though... and I always roll up the sleeves on my boy's long sleeved shirt so it won't be that obvious.

      Shoes... I don't really know the exact size of hypermaniac boy's feet o_o but if it's the same with SD10, the size difference with SD13 shoes will be quite significant and should be noted.
    20. Thanks for your reply. Its the fitted suit jacket I am wondering about across the shoulds as well as arm length. I had an interesting idea though! how about arm bands like the old fashioned backers ones. Normally they are made of stretch chrome but I think they would look good made of a ribbon with some stretch to it in the right tone. This will hold the sleeves up nicely so they can be adjusted.

      I have seen people suggest SD girl clothes but I just don't see the jackets and look I want.

      The look I am going for is a romantic steampunk kind of look with a twist.