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Can Volks SD girls wear Delf girl Shoes?

Jul 12, 2007

    1. Hi everyone!!! :) I'm looking for shoes for my Super Dollfie girl, and I saw a pair of Delf shoes on Luts that are perfect! :D But can Super Dollfies wear Delf shoes? :? Does anyone know?
    2. I have a pair of basic shoes for Delf boy by Luts and I can squeeze them on my SD13's.
    3. Sometimes, sometimes not...it also depends on whether it's SD10/13...a lot of Luts shoes are kind of big and roomy on Delfs, so that helps...and of course the heel shoes are fine fore SD13 heel feet...

      Which shoes, and which feet?
    4. Her feet are FO-01, basically the normal, unarched SD feet. Here are the shoes:


      It says that their inner foot length is 6.9 cm. Is that big enough?
    5. Does anyone know?
    6. I have that pair of shoes from Luts, and I don't think they fit Volks SD girls because they are a tight fit to Delf girls. I never tried though.....
    7. I just tried on the shoes, and to my suprise, they fit! 0_0 only a little tight. :)
    8. Thanks juno!! :D That helps me a lot! :aheartbea
    9. Yes indeed, I bought Delf shoes as well and though you may have to "force" a little behind, they fit SD. Or at least, Delf girl shoes fit my SD girl feet ;) They possibly fit SD13 girls too, but not sure. I have an old SD girl body, with larger feet and they keep fitting. So... maybe?