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Can Volks SD16 and SD13 boys share clothing?

Jul 30, 2006

    1. Ok, before I buy for Laurent (who is a placeholder of sorts, testing the 60cm size), I need to know what clothing can be shared between SD16 and SD13. Anything? Nothing? I've searched, but I haven't found much information on dressing an SD16 at all :| So, please, just a quick answer or point in the right direction? I can't spend so much money on Laurent, who may or may not be sold once my dream doll arrives, and have useless stuff lying around that an SD16 can't use.
    2. There, actually, have been more than several threads about dressing the Big Boys. Here are two to get you started -



      Pants don't seem to be any problem at all and my boy can wear any trousers that are SD13 or CP sized - but shirts are more difficult to fit - he's got huge forearms and his hands need to be removed. The broad shoulders are also a bit too big for most shirts but will fit well in jackets. It has been reported that Volks dresses their models in SD13 standard clothing, though!
    3. Thank you very much ^_^ That helps immensely!
    4. I have a Yukinojo Sawaragi, and bought a pair of Dollshe Hound pants and a shirt from Dollmore after comparing measurements... they fit all right although the pants legs are a bit long and the sleeves on the shirt too. They do work, though - just in case you'd rather not disassemble your SD16 to fit him into SD13 clothes.
    5. ah, ok, good to know! *files info* ^_^ Gotta be prepared, y'know?
    6. i saw a coat at Volks site that said it fits both SD13 and SD16 boys. maybe you can visit Volks site more frequently!
    7. Hm, their USA site doesn't specify anything as fitting SD16. I peruse there practically every day for Laurent and my two minis ^^; Actually, maybe I should email them *duh kasviel* Or stick to an SD13 to make life a lot less complex lol
    8. Will they fit on a SD13 or SD10 body?
    9. I'm not sure if you mean SD16 male or female clothes, but for the boys, SD13s can wear his clothes, they might be slightly baggy though, or long in the legs if they don't have long legs. SD10s I think they'd be pretty huge on though.
    10. SD10s and SD13s wearing them will be buer cute, as the clothes will be oversized on them XD

      However, I stress that the SD16 can wear certain SD13 pants, but the pant leg will be above his ankles. But he cannot wear SD13 shirts; he cannot lift his arm
    11. Nobody mention about boys :sweat

      I remember I saw a photo which a SD13boy wearing SD16 girl outfit.
      Can anyone please tell me is it possible?