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Can Volks SDs ever wear MSD-sized wigs?

Jun 1, 2005

    1. I have a doll whose head fits SD wigs, but not perfectly. Her head isn't quite as egg-like to fit the entire space in the wigcap.

      Can I try using MSD wigs, or is the size way too small? Has anyone any experience with using an MSD wig for a tighter fit on an SD?
    2. I'm pretty sure that sher cited an instance where her Iliana (Ryung) was able to Jeremiah Blue's blonde wig.

      So I say yes. ^_^

      But if it's more like... Unoa and SD, the answer is no. :)


      EDIT: Fixed some wonky bbCode. ^^;
    3. When a wig is too big or fits funny I usually take a length of elastic and sew it into the wig cap. The elastic is usually about an inch shorter than the full length of wig edge that it's covering- if that makes sense. n.n; That typically helps. Alucard's head is a ton smaller than Andesha's giant noggin, so I have a pretty big head gap to cover! :lol:
    4. Well, Volks themselves say that some of their DD wigs will fit small-headed SD's (I think they showed an example of Isao in one of the DD wigs?), and those wigs are slightly smaller than SD size. Maybe you could try getting one of those wigs?
    5. I bought an MSD wig from Cancan/J-series that actually fit Djinn's Sweet Dreams Lucas with a bit of stretching. >_> It was waaaay to big for my MSD, but might have fit a bigger MSD head.

      (If you plan to try an MSD wig on your SD, don't try Volks MSD wigs since they don't have elastic and can't stretch.)
    6. It depends on what type of SD you have, I guess. If your SD has a small head such as Anais or any other SD that wears 8"~9" wigs, I'd say just go for it. My boy used to wear MSD wigs and he looked just fine.
    7. yes that was me! Iliana (ryung) has a peanut head... it's amazing, really, it really is tiny, and quite a few of JB's MSD wigs fit her - MOST did not, but notably ajumapama msd sized wigs fit her (I have a blonde straight with bangs, and a white waffle with bangs) and my neil big white mohair MSD sized wig fit her.

      Of my audrey's 7/8 wigs, only SOME fit her - "Evelyn" and "Chari" fit her, my other styles did not. :grin:
    8. Oo, pics, please!

      And it's not a huge size difference. The size of an El's head is about 9" around... my doll's head is about 8" around. Still, the difference is big enough that a short wig that looks fab on El looks like a huge Monkees-style mop on my other doll. :(
    9. Jeanathyn has an 8.5" head, and I have a few of my msd sized wigs that fit him just fine. Honestly it's disheartening to find SD sized wigs that fit him. 9-10" wigs engulf his entire head. :cry:

      Regular SD wig from Luts (the wig cap actually covers the tops of his ears)

      MSD wig from ???? (it's a little short, but a longer wig would look fine I think)
    10. Pics! Here is Ryung in ajumapama blonde...
      monique "evelyn" in ginger brown 7/8
      monique "chari" in 7/8... forget the name of this color... I really like these 2 monique ones. Chari is like real people hair... it's a great cut on her, it's not too thick, I must get this one in more colors. And evelyn shows off her exquisite eyebrows. :grin:
    11. Thanks so much, Sher!!! Can you tell me what Ryung's head's circumference is? Is it only 8" around, then? Wow!
    12. I haven't measured it... but I think that's right. Apparently I'm to look for size 8/9 wigs for her, and Sabrina and Jenna with their melon noggins (tee hee) take a 9/10.

      not ALL of my 7/8 wigs fit, only those I named...the rest that I had to try on, were too small.