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Can you stand the wait for seams?

May 7, 2007

  1. No, I don't really care about seams, etc.

  2. No, because I can't bear to wait for a month.

  3. Yes, the wait and extra fee is worth it, I really like sanded seams, etc.

  4. Other (reply in thread)

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    1. ok, please try not to get into a flame war about whether or not dolls should be default with their seams sanded, ok? :doh

      However, I'm curious how many people, when given the option to pay to have seams sanded (and to wait a month longer), choose to do it.

      Example: Volks Limited Lotteries, they give you the option of haveing the seams sanded, the doll coated and sueded. It costs around $30-$60 per service, etc, and you have to wait about a month later to get your doll.

      How many people go for this? :)
    2. I don't particularly care about seams on a doll. And, if they bothered me that much, I'd do it myself and save the money for something like eyes or a wig.
    3. The dolls are supposed to have seems I think. It's what makes them dolls. ^__^ I wouldn't have it done, but then I'm impatient enough having to wait for a doll. ^__^
    4. I don't want to wait for a service that can be done faster (and cheaper) by myself ^^"
    5. I only have one doll and when I bought him I didn't have the option to get him sanded. But I totally would have! I don't mind seams THAT much, but in certain light they really show and they annoy me. In photos I find them distracting. It's like seeing a cast sculpture in a museum with seams... very unfinished, I don't like it @__@ And I also wouldn't mind the wait, I mean really, if I've already waited months and months saving up then I may as well wait another month to get something I really want. :3

      On the other hand, I might try sanding seams myself and if it goes well then I'd just do it myself from now on o_oa
    6. I'd actually rather do it myself. Part of the fun of having the dolls working on them :). If I knew I wouldn't be able to do it, for whatever reason, I wouldn't mind having it done for me though.
    7. I have one doll with sanded seams by Volks and that's it. I don't feel like it's necessary, and I'd much rather spend the money on the doll's wardrobe.
    8. I don't like seams on my dolls probably because the first BJD's I got were Elfdolls who come perfectly sanded. So if the fee for sanding aren't much, I'll have it done by the company otherwise I'll sand them myself.
    9. They don't bother me at all... and if they should, I'll sand them myself without having to wait or pay for someone else to do it for me :3nodding:
    10. I don't mind the seams on my dolls all that much - certainly not enough to sand them. But given the option, I would have the company sand them before the doll was sent to me, and I would happily pay for that service.

      Edit to add: One concern I do have, though, is that I've heard that sanded resin may yellow more quickly than non-sanded, so I might figure that into my decision making about this...
    11. Seams don't bother me in the least, they're part of the art of doll crafting. ^_^
    12. I prefer to do it myself, I think it's quite fun ^_^ I don't even mind seams so much, but I've sanded both of my minifees because I like to do it.
    13. If I'm ordering a FCS doll, then yes I'm going to pay the extra for seam sanding and self standing parts - because I'm waiting already and I KNOW the satogaeri services are worth the price. I can sand seams on a NS doll, but bw and tan dolls make me nervous. I'd still pay for the service regardless of skin color though, because I don't want to inhale resin dust, I've got too many allergies as it is!

      As far as limited dolls go, I feel that they are already complete and just want them home NOW. I'm very impatient that way. Not that I don't want my FCS girl home now, it is just that I'm willing to wait longer for her because she didn't exist before I "created" her, does that make sense? The LE dolls are already created, therefore I want instant gratification. :)
    14. I might wait for the coating and sueding, but seams dont bother me. The waiting bothers me more them the fee though.
    15. I woudn't unless a doll would be tanned on the surface and the company would fix the colour difirence
    16. I like sanded seams except in odd colored dolls and would have added the service of sanding but not coating for my Lin entry but in this case I was a bit more excited and was not willing to wait for Lin an extra month if I do win the lottery.

      I do like sanded seams but I can live with volk's normally neat seams. Also sometimes sanding myself adds to the bonding process.

      I'm thinking of getting sanded seams on the sunlight skin FCS I'm planning on getting in Dolpa NY 2 as I've heard volks does a really got job with it

      I guess for an FCS yes I'd the Sato Gaeri services for a dolpa doll it's a toss up. Volks I think charges a reasonable fee for the service but there are times instant gratification gets the better of me.
    17. The problem being that if you want the coating through Volks, have to get the sanding as well.
    18. I have never bothered about the seams on dolls & i've never sanded any of my dolls.
      But i have been told that sanded & uncoated dolls yellows sooner than non sanded ones so i guess i won't try.
    19. Nope, I do them myself :).

      I gives me a greater attachment to the doll and to the body to work on it myself.
    20. weird question... where are the seams suppose to be??? i don't actually kno. I got Rae with his seams sanded tho i don't think DZ has very visable ones anyway.

      as for me, i don't mind paying the extra and waiting a bit longer. I would get my doll sanded.

      But i want one to work on my self. If i find a doll i like and i want to work on, i would order him without a face up and unsanded for me to work on.

      basically it's getting the stuff in place first.