Can you use other company's heeled feet on other dolls especially Dream of Doll?

Feb 7, 2018

    1. I have been wondering lately since Dream of Doll pretty much went off the map. I was wondering if I could buy and use another company's high heeled feet?

      Just it would make it easier to find other high heeled feet that way. Are there sizes I would need to look for? Would only some company's work as others would not?

      Also would this also work for other BjD company's as well?

      Just in my head I think of it as a different matter then hands are. Could be related to stringing why I worry. Could be or also be related to how they stand on there feet. Would need to make sure a foot would fit correctly into the system. As well as not chip anything. Maybe could be related to I do not own any other BjD's.(Or seen any in the real world besides my own.)
    2. As long as the hook mechanism works and the feet fit the ankles correctly, it's definitely possible.
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    3. How do I check to see if one will work or not?
    4. You'll have to look at the full body photos to see how the feet attach and how they're shaped compared to the flat feet you have, and then check the ankle measurements to make sure they're about the same size. So for example some feet don't have the ankle attached; the ankle is part of the leg piece. You need a set of feet that matches in this way.
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    5. I have dolls using feet from other companies. Sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes it's not the best but okay, sometimes it won't work at all. You can ask around the Reference->Photo Reference section for people who own those exact pieces to try it, but mostly, it's going to be trial and error. Even if the resin matches and they attach in the same way, there's no guarantee it will work. For example, my Supia body is currently wearing Loongsoul high heel feet, and while the color is decent and they both use s-hooks, the fit of the ankles and feet are not exactly perfect, so she doesn't stand as steadily as if they were the same company. Even if the ball of the foot is curved slightly different from the ankle, it might not fit all that great, but hot glue sueding or slight sanding may fix that.

      When I choose sizing, first you want to choose feet of a similar sized doll, like SD, MSD, Slim Mini, etc. Then, I usually try to choose a set that will fit the most shoes--like for example, Iplehouse sells extra feet, but their feet are so big, it's nearly impossible to find shoes to fit, so I would choose something like ResinSoul or Dollzone, who are much more standard sized and fit more shoes. Also, some feet are two part feet where the foot and ankle ball are separate pieces. Some companies sell the balls with the feet, but others don't, so you need to make sure whoever you choose to buy from does include the ankle balls, or you'll have no way to attach the feet, since the ankle balls and feet from different companies almost definitely will not fit together.
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    6. At the age of my BjD I think Resin matches are long gone. I did way back found a company that did yellow similar just didn't start out the same colour. When I picked out ball jointed hands.( I think it was dika n-pink.) Since to me it is more important to match what the skin will yellow too then what the skin is at start.(Though like I said time to match is I feel kinda over and done with.) Also back then it did feel there was only a few female DoD's out there. Since I also got Dream of Dolls (Dream of Teen line.) New body will make it a bit harder to find someone who has that doll.

      Though from the looks of things and how I remember how Dream of Doll's heels were I think H.I.D. Heeled feet from iplehouse would fit. What section should I ask in the reference photo section? Like is it a size comparison
    7. I dunno about dream of doll but....I replaced my Luts Emma's luts feet with fairyland heeled feet and magnetic ankles with no issues, the color match is decent and with shoes on you can't tell at all.
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    8. Any updates to if someone found feet that match dream of doll?