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Can't they at least give us a clue?

Mar 3, 2010

    1. I hope I'm not the only one who has had this experience:

      You're on a BJD vendor website (Iplehouse, for example), and you're shopping eyes/ wigs/ clothes, etc and you really like the way a certain doll looks in one of the pics, but you're not sure which doll it is, which eyes s/he is wearing, which wig, etc.

      Or, you're looking at the dolls and like the sample eyes & wig they're wearing in the "basic" doll pics & want to order those same eyes & wig...

      I really wish they'd list this info under the standard product info.
    2. I have been known to post a question on the sites Q&A to request such information ;)

      ... but I agree it would be easier if they just listed it :)
    3. I completely agree.

      Plus, a good handful of shops have items modeled by dolls not cast or sculpted there. In that case, it should definitely be credited! (It took entirely too long for me to realize that LeekeWorld's mass amount of DollGa crafted wigs were almost all modeled by Volks dolls!)
    4. It just seems like poor marketing. I mean, if I'm looking at almost any other catalog, and a picture includes something available in another part of the catalog, there's usually a note about what it is and where to find it.

      That's a good solution, FoxFace. I've just recently noticed some where ppl have asked these kinds of questions, maybe I should just start doing that! :D
    5. They don't have to.

      Take Leekeworld and wigs, they're not selling the doll they're selling the wigs. What relevance would it have to list down the name of the doll sculpt where it comes from.
    6. If you need help idetifying a doll used as a model for clothing or wigs, you can always ask in the photo request section as well, or have a search since there have been threads asking about some of the models before.

      I agree that it would be nice if companies made a note of what dolls are modeling what clothes, wigs, etc. but it's usually not that hard for someone here to identify dolls, especially if it's a well-known site or well-known doll. :)
    7. There are companies that name the model. Dollmore does it, Luts does too (I know this cause I'm currently on Luts this minute XD)...I find it very helpful.

      However I also agree that asking on their Q&A is the best way to find out. I've questioned certain companies before regarding items in sales posts that were not the for sale item and they've always answered and been very polite about it.
    8. Most doll companies have a Q&A board and will be able to answer your questions, especially if it'll make or break a sale.

      I think more sites are starting to state such information. I know LaTi lists the dolls that model their wigs, and Cherishdoll has started to list things/options used in doll pictures.
    9. For a place like Leekeworld, they actually might get in trouble for listing the model because they are using other companies' dolls to sell their wigs...
    10. I think I'll def have to start asking in the Q&A on the doll sites, and maybe here.

      I'm a big fan of the dolls at Iplehouse & Souldoll & I know they both have Q&A options, though they don't automatically list which dolls are modeling clothes, wigs, etc.

      Sometimes, though, I'm curious which eyes or wig the doll is wearing in the "basic" pic, esp in cases where you order teh doll and eyes are chosen randomly. I suppose it's just as easy to ask about this, too, though.
    11. I'm kinda torn.

      If you see a Leeke Wig on a Volks doll on Leeke's site, you're naturally going to be curious about Volk's wigs as well. This could potentially take wig sales away from Leeke and pass them on to Volks.

      Then again, if you see a doll modeling a wig and want the mystery doll... you wouldn't really be able to buy said doll without finding out what company produces doll.

      I think it's really up to the company, I doubt they will get into trouble for using other company doll's for models unless they claim said dolls are their own creation.

      Again, I'm torn so I guess I am no help at all. :sweat
    12. I think I might be on Iplehouse's site too much but when it comes to the wig pictures I can usually make an educated guess on which sculpt it is, since it is their dolls modeling it afterall and which wigs the "basic" doll is wearing 'w';
      But I agree about the eyes, eyes are hard enough to shop for but just listing what eyes they're wearing could reaaally help.
    13. Yeah, I think the thing with wigs was more of an issue when I first started shopping for BJD's. By now, I think I'm more capable of figuring out which wig a doll is wearing.

      The eyes are def harder, though, since they can look so different next to a doll's skin tone, so many of them come in shades of similar colors, and it's hard to say whether the color I'm seeing on my computer is even the "true" color, anyway.
    14. Yeah-- if you can't guess, you ask in Q&A. They answer. Mystery solved.
    15. Completely agree. I ended up going on a quest for the wig and colour on Iplehouse once due to the pictures not having it written near the bottom.

      I think even if you're taking promotional shots of the doll in different clothes or wigs from the basic or limited edition, you should list what is what. It's much easier for people to find it then and they don't all have to come to you with the same question ^^.
    16. They do on eluts.com for the most part... but I understand the frustration, especially when a wig looks very different on another doll to the point where you can't tell it's the same one you're looking for.
    17. If I'm smitten with a particular wig or eye type or outfit, etc and the details are not provided, I will usually just email and ask. I do this for BJD sellers and any BJD-related site. I've also asked owners who post pics with something that attracts me. I've found that most people/companies are usually happy to share this info.
    18. sometimes, but not all the time, they do. Luts is an example. they dont always, (one thing that really gets me mad is when it says "blahblah Set" and it doesnt list what is included. you end up getting surprised when it arrived, or Q&Aing them.)
    19. I agree as well quite honestly.

      I really don't like hunting the site for a doll/wig/eye/clothes that they might not sell anymore, or may not be as obvious to find.
    20. I agree with this more than the rest, really -- if something says 'X set', I want to know what that set is comprised of.

      In other cases, sites may not be using their own photos, but photos from a manufacturer or their supplier if it isn't an item made in-house (like some shoes and wigs and eyes), so they may not necessarily know.

      Otherwise, I've always found that asking works just fine. ;)