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Car seats ... do you use them?

Jan 10, 2009

    1. I have tried to find any thread about dolls in car seats. And so far no luck. So if anyone has a car seat they use for their "resin" kids, please post pix. I bought a nice baby car seat and am trying to decide if and how to use it. Thankx
      - ShadowHawke -

      MODS if this is in the wrong place or there is already a thread please move and let me know. Thankx
    2. Mine always ride in a padded case - but most people I've carpooled with to meets use seat belts (unmodified, just the lap part fits over them). I've never heard of anyone using a car seat before.
    3. I've never heard of someone using car seats for their dolls. But I'm sure it wouldn't be that bad of an idea! o_O
    4. I guess I failed to mention...all mine do HAVE nice padded bags for carrying, but I was thinking of putting them in a car seat to let the world look at them and vise versa, while traveling. As MasterJinn says "scaring the straights. "

      - ShadowHawke -
    5. ^^;; That's too weird for me... mine just travel in their carrying cases in a place where they won't roll about.

    6. i don't even think i buckle mine in @_@ if they aren't in the front seat, they are in the back with other stuff holding them to the side of the car so they don't fall over. otherwise, they are in a case.
    7. I keep miri in her carrying case. I wouldn't put them in car seats or the like, out of fear. (that, and its really not my deal, but...) the belts are dirty from whatever and i don't want anything to get on her. or say, in the case of a used car with a faulty safety belt, if it comes undone, your doll gets a whap to the head! dangerous, imo. if the car turns too quick, doll falls over and hits the door. so much danger in a car for the dolls, imo.
      I wouldn't do it. My Miri is much safer in her carrying case.
    8. I try to stay out of direct sun as much as I can so that seems like needless exposure, but that would be cute to see.
    9. Aren't you worried that they will yellow?
    10. I just pop them in a bag. They're expensive so I don't really like the whole universe to know I have them anyway.
    11. I've only taken my Puki out into the world thus far, and she travels in her nicely padded Fairyland book which is small enough to toss into my messenger bag for safety. If I took any of my other dolls out, I'd probably put them in their carrying case and maybe slap a seatbelt on over the case to keep it from rolling around in the car. If I weren't driving, I might sit one on my lap.
    12. No o.o I had no idea people do that... I just put mine in a bag with soft pillows...
    13. I keep my doll sitting next to me if I'm a a passenger in the car, but I wouldn't personally invest in a car seat for my boy. They aren't hyperactive and dont risk getting out so I wouldn't get them one in the first place. Plus people might think I'm a tad strange if they looked in my car and saw a doll strapped in like a baby...it may start questions...and I'm already weird enough as it is :sweat
    14. I usually put mine in their cases or boxes for long trips, but if I'm taking them shopping then they just sit on the seat next to me. I've heard people carrying them in baby carriers so I suppose a car seat would work o.0
    15. I think car seats are just verging into the realm of weirdness for dolls....................

      personally they are better off either being strapped in under the seatbelt or secured in a doll carrier holder (like mine do and carried in the boot)
    16. I personally woudnt buy a car seat, think its a bit strange and woudnt want the odd looks lol

      If I am popping to a mate on a short journey I might put one on the front seat with the seat belt across and the part that goes over the chest I hook behind the head rest, I do have slightly darker windows on my 4x4 so less sun... if going further I have them in their bags. That way protected from the heat/sun which we do occ get here in the UK lol.
    17. I don't think wanting a car seat for your doll is any weirder then putting them in a baby-carrier looking think that you wear on the front of you (like those baby back-packs), which I have seen people in this forum using/making/selling
    18. Nope. If I travel with only one maybe he'll ride up front with me ( unless he's my WS, I keep him in his carrier like he has the plague xD ) as there's a nifty armrest between the drivers and passenger seat that's perfect to plunk them down on. If I'm bringing the whole crew, they'll all stay in their carriers in the back atop of everything else to avoid being smooshed....except for Fakia, he still gets to ride with me ;)
    19. My carrier isn't here yet, but when it is I'll just use that unless it's a super short distance trip. When I took him to work I sat him in the passenger seat with my smooshy purse on his legs to keep him from sliding, and when my sister and I took him shopping we weren't going far and he just sat on her lap. I wouldn't get a car seat for mine - they're expensive, a real pain to install and take in and out (unless it's one of the super-simple newborn ones), can leave marks on some seats if you don't put something under them, etc. They're a necessary evil for parents with children, but I wouldn't bother for dolls. Plus there's the sun exposure to think about!

      I know with reborns there are cases of police breaking into cars to "rescue" what they thought was a baby left there. I can't imagine people thinking that with a BJD, but stranger things have happened. Someone once called the police about a "child alone in a car" when my aunt left her 14-year-old in the car while she ran in to pick up something from a store.

      For me it'd be too much bother, but if you want to do it could be a fun way to freak people out!
    20. I would never put my dolls in a car seat. I've never thought about it before but I think too many things could go wrong.

      When I take my girls with me, I put them in padded bags (I love oversized purses, so even my SDs don't really need a carrier :sweat) and I do strap it in while I'm driving. I don't want the bag/doll to go flying if I have to hit my brakes quickly!