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Carrier bag question for Mini sized dolls??

Jan 23, 2010

    1. I was wondering if anyone has gotten one of the larger carrying bags to hold multiple dolls in? I'm thinking of getting a large "EID" carrying bag from Iplehouse which is 77cm X 21cm X17cm, but I really want to be able to put 6 minis inside of it. I'm thinking I could wrap each doll up in baby blankets, then put them in with their feet toward the center. That would be 3 on the left, 3 on the right with feet overlapping a little bit. I wonder if anyone has done this and if so, can 6 dolls fit thus? I really appreciate any help here 'cause I really want a bag for my minis!!! And love the "professional" look of these bags :)

      I did do a search, but couldn't come up with any difinitive answers, hence this thread. Thanks again for your input!!!

      Hummmm I just did a mock up of my dolls, and it seems that I would need 20cm wide at the bottom and 15cm tall, but not knowing how wide it gets and shape wise, etc... one actually MIGHT be able to fit 8 minifees in a bag like that, which would be pretty nice. Gosh, if any of you have experience, I woud greatly appreciate knowing for certain! Thanks :)
    2. I don't have one THAT size... but I can tell you I put three dolls in my msd carrier (plus a tiny), and I do have room for one more. I wrap each one in a piece of white fabric (so shoes and the like don't rub against each other) and lay them on their sides. I can't use the 'seatbelt' in the bag, but they're in so snuggly nobody's moving around anyway.
    3. All that in a regular MSD carrier? Wow, I might even be conservative then? I only have 3 MSD's right now, but plan on 6, and if 8 or more could fit, all the better :) Thanks for that info :) Gonna double check the dimentions of a MSD size bag....
    4. I have both my YID's in my Ryushin's free bag and the two JID girls in Harin's bag. Did have to add some extra pillos, but their very easy to swe (just a rectangle) or for sale on Dollmore. Dont know if IHS still does the free bags with YID. Always disliked the fact that they dont do it for JID.
    5. Wow, they gave out free bags? Well, even so, they do seem to have a decent price on them, and it only adds a little more than $10 in shipping to my order (um... future order, LOL) Gosh I'm so itching to buy my Tania, you can't imagine. I'm thinking it would probably be best to stick to Normal Skin in case the Real Skin has qualities that would make it look too different next to the Lati Blue boy that is to be her boyfriend :) I figure, if things go ok, I can plan a real skin I in the future some time :) Maybe to go with a Real Skin Josh or Jerome??

      Oh man, I so want to purchase this girl!! grrrr!
    6. I know im a dreadfull enabler, but go for it!

      Ask Iplehouse if they are willing to take the doll from the box and ship it in the bag. They where willing to do that for me in the past. It might save quite a bit on shipping too, since the cardboardbox is quite weighty.

      I had a NS Tatiana for sometime with my RS I, and they looked great together. They did look like they had a different etnic background, which was exactly what i want. Lemme see if i can find a pic, ill pm you a link.
    7. Thank you :) I'm down to 551.30 with shipping, and wow, if they could save even more by dropping the box, I'd totally go for that!
    8. Just checked. They still give out the bags with the YID's.

      Such a shame they dont do it with the JID's.
    9. I looked at them too and liked them very much. i have all different sized dolls (the largest is 70cm). I was hoping someone would have gotten me one fro Christmas, but no one did :). Pleas let us know if you get it and like it.
    10. Ok :) It'll be a while yet, though because I'd be putting the whole thing on layaway :B