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Carrier bags for Volks SD16 boys?

Feb 2, 2006

    1. Hi!

      I have a friend who is getting a Yukinojou/SD16, and was wondering what bag would be advisable to carry him in? I looked through the Volks website but did not find any info on SD16. He *must* have a carry bag, since my friend refuses to let him out of the house without one... which means I won't get to see him!! ARGH!

      He *is* only 65cm tall... would he fit inside a bag for SD13? I think he'd be too short for a Hound bag...?

      (I also do not have a carry bag yet, or we'd try to fit him in that... we're actually going to order ours together...)

      I know that some people have gotten their SD16s already, as my friend bought hers second-hand, so maybe someone here who has one, or knows someone who has one, can let me know.

      Thank you!
    2. I haven't got a SD16, but I have got Volks carrying bags! They measure 67 cm on the inside, and they are very roomy in all directions.

      Yukonojo should fit nicely! :daisy
    3. if he doesn't fit i can make one for you ^_^ as I am the mighty carrier lady XD JK pm me if you need a carrier for your boy ^_^
    4. As it happens, I tried this just this morning.

      I don't have bags by any other brand, but Yukinojo fits fine into the Volks carrier.
    5. What about the Iple house and souldoll carriers? They both measures 67cm on the outside. You think Yukinojo can fit? How about the cushions on the inside?

      Thank you
    7. I always end up just sitting my dolls down on the passenger seat of the car and buckling them in. XD Works like a charm and I've yet to have a doll go flying. XD

      Does anyone know if a CH carrier would be long enough for a Yukinojo? >_>
    8. Yup. I've done that to Isao once (he wouldn't stay in my bag, which, admittedly, is a very cramped space, since it's a school bag, not a doll bag!), though I worry about him yellowing since my car windows aren't tinted...

      But my friend doesn't drive; so she needs the bag to carry Yuki on trains and such. She also lives about an hour in the opposite direction from my house, so picking her up before we go to college is not an especially attractive idea!

      I've finally seen him in person! He arrived today and we picked him up together! I love his coat! And his pants! And he has a wallet! (I'm excited, can you tell? ^_________________^ )
    9. I'd be leery of trying - if they are 67 cm on the outside, they probably are about 65 cm on the inside. Volks carrying bag is 69 cm on the outside, 67 cm on the inside.

      That is up to the owners personal preferences, isn't it? We all do what seems best to each of us. I would never transport my girls anywhere without a carrier - I don't like to take the risk.

      If jinlin's friend wants a carrier for her Yukinojo, be it for practical or psychological reasons, she should get a carrier. If you are happy without a carrier, you shouldn't buy one.

      To each their own! :daisy
    10. Personally sometimes I use a carrier, sometimes not! It's all about what's most convenient for you, and also where you're going with your doll at the time. I have three carriers, and sometimes my Yo-SD just rides in my purse (wrapped in fleece).

      I actually measured my Yuki-n without shoes at 65cm, but a) I'm not sure how precise I am and b) you will need some room for the soles of the shoes. The Volks interior (apparently 67cm) was a perfect fit.

      I'd say a Volks bag, a Hound bag (you can always fill the extra space with some padding so your boy doesn't slide), or a custom carrier.
    11. im sure a hound bag would work too. or a baseball bat bag (that's what i use) they are pretty long and they hold all 5 of my big dolls. i just use the pillows that came with them in the boxes and stuffing. i got my adidas bag for 10.00 but they have padded ones that are more money too.
    12. We managed to fit a full-set DoT Lahoo wearing his platform boots (total height 67cm) into a Iplehouse carrier, with both pillows. But only JUUUUUST. Iplehouse pillows are extremely fluffy, but I absolutely love my bag. It's roomy, has two large pockets on the outside, and fits everything.
    13. I have a CH Carrier bag, and I don't think Yukinojo would fit inside. There is enough space for CH Boy sized, but even still it's a bit tight.
    14. Hi, finally I joined the forum, and I'm the friend Jinlin is talking about. Yes, I live an hour's drive away from her, and bringing Yukinojo to college (almost everywhere) without a proper carrier make me shivers, coz poor, poor me dun have a car.

      I have to take three different transport just to go anywhere, so first is by taxi to reach the LRT (if not would be a half-hour walk), then take the LRT. lastly I take the bus to school, and if on any rush hour day, the bus will be loadful of people, and most of them are guys.....

      Yeah, is for both practical and psychological reasons. Additional question is; does anyone knows where to get the cushions for the bags?

      Thank you everyone who replied! :)
    15. I know just where you are coming from! :daisy

      The pillows are the pillows from your SD's box, so you have them already.

      Ummm... Just for curiosity - what's a LRT?
    16. You do knoe where I'm coming from? OMG!!!!! :shock:

      Pillows.... I need more because Yukinojo's come in a zip, and it looks like I'm gonna damage it anytime soon..... and particularly since Volks carriers are roomy, I scared it's not enough to prevent him from bouncing around as I only have ONE doll.... :sweat:

      Ou, sorry, LRT means Light-Rail Transit, it's something like Singapore's MRT, but ours are WAY slooooooweeeeer...... and usually jam-pack in rush hours, that's why I need a carrier, don't wanna hurt Yuki...... :cry:
    17. LRT = Light Rail Transit.

      Kinda like a train, only lighter and stops at shorter distances.
    18. Thank you Noriko-san!!!! Actually I've been searching for carriers, and came across this one too, but at 1.8kg, the case itself is heavier than Yuki!!!! :-) But the down-side is it doesn't have shoulder strap for slinging the case on your shoulder. I want my doll to be upright. =D

      I'm still considering, thank you for the info!!!
    19. Yukinojo came in a zip? Sorry, lost me there... He didn't come in a Volks cardbord box with two pillows for stuffing....? :roll:

      If you haven't got pillows, you can a: improvise something, or b: buy pillows (Volks or other brands) on the secondary market. My husband, who owns a DD (DD boxes does not include pillows) bought a second hand SD box to get pillows for his Volks carrier.

      But I don't think your Yukinojo's gonna slip, when I only had Himeno (SD13 girl, much less bulkier than a SD16 boy) she still travelled snug as a bug in a rug in her Volks carrier. Now she's a little cramped when I double bunk her with her little sister.
      And I tend towards super careful, you know! :daisy

      And thanks for the explanation regarding the LRT!