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Carriers (carry bags, cases) for your Mini Size Dolls

Oct 5, 2004

    1. Hi all,

      I was at Hecht's the other day and I noticed they were having a huge sale on their purses. Well, being the purse whore I am, I had to look.

      A LOT of the purses this year are the cylindrical type from makers such as Nine West/Guess etc...They are also long enough to hold a MSD type of doll, with some extra pockets for knick-knacks and what not.

      Most of them retail from anywhere b/t 29.99 - 69.99, but then they are an additional 25% + off. They are high quality leather and could easily be transformed into a carrying case for you little lovelies.

      There were ones that were even smaller that would be good for the Elf Dolls/Pocket Fairies. I just remember when I bought my first MSD sized doll carrier, it cost me roughly $60 with S/H from Korea. If you want something stylish to tote your cuties around in, I suggest taking a look at these. There are SO many styles/colors it was crazy.

      Unfortunately, I didn't see anything for the larger dolls, so we're stuck with the same old carriers, but I just wanted to let people know that there are other alternatives out there.

    2. Oh, that's great news. :) I've been looking for a workable carrier in local stores for my doll-to-be, with no luck. Do you think they'd have similarly-styled bags at discount stores like Ross?
    3. Anybody know of a good alternative to actual MSD carrying bags?

      i want something strurdy, that will hold two dolls comfortable, as well as protect them. Anybody have any ideas?
    4. I know there was a few discussions, but a large bag/purse will work. Beach bags could do it too. I forget if violins work, if I remember correctly you need to modify them heavily to be able to fit one SD.

      Look around at the Walmart, and such stores. If worst comes to worst, a bag from online isn't too bad. I'm making my own for my MSD personally. :3 It has panda fabric. :oops:

      I'm sure you can find something good with hunting. Hey, why not carry them and show them off?? :daisy
    5. I found making one to be a lot easier then buying one. When searching for one to buy no matter where I looked the bag was either too expensive or I didn't like it. I altered a purse pattern for mine and it works pretty dang good.
    6. I was looking for nice carring cases for Luts KIDS size. Ani needs somthing nice.....

      Does anyone know of anywhere to get "pretty" but , more importantly SECURE travel cases for dolls around 16"?

      Thanks for listening!

    7. I got a pink Souldoll case, I love it to bits.


      It comes with a blanket that velcroes around the doll to protect them, and two straps to hold the doll in place. It also has a long adjustable strap for over your shoulder, or two small hand straps that velcro into one for easier handling. The pocket on the front is not only velcroed, but zipped as well ^_^ I love it, I'm so glad I chose that one. (It also fit both my dolls in with room to spare, but isn't too big for one doll on its own ^^)
    8. Did you get the MSD version or the SD version to be able to fit 2 dolls in it? Do both dolls fit comfortably or do you kinda gotta play around with it awhile before you find them a safe & comfy place?

      I've been looking at Souldoll carriers for awhile now, so I've been looking around for info on them ^^
    9. Does anyone know of a place where one would purchase a -HARD- case for carrying an MSD-sized doll (AR LF specifically)? I'm paranoid of Phaerie getting squished and while I don't intend to do -too- much traveling with her, I'd like to have the peace of mind knowing I have something to carry her in if I have to shove her with my luggage.

      Any leads would be appreciated. Thank you! ^^~
    10. I wouldn't worry too much about her getting squished. :) I've accidently SAT on my DOD bag, girl inside before! But unless you like, take a sledgehammer to your bag, your girl should be fine. Just look for a bag with soft, cushy pillows inside. :)
    11. Otherwise I've seen cases on eBay that are metal, and they have foam in them that you can remove in chunks to fit whatever you want in them. I found them doing a search on "forensics" (they look like the cases they use on CSI) I'm betting you could use those for your doll.
    12. Try a small size hard side carry on suit case.....with wheels! Easy to drag around.
    13. I'm going to go buy a hard-sided case from a faux bag store at my mall today (Almoda), I think it's made to be a big makeup travel case, but I believe my kid delf will fit just fine! I'm bringing her in to make sure she fits and show her off....and pick up my paycheck (I work security at the mall...funnnnn).

      If it works well, I'll post a picture, and see if I might be able to lead anyone in the direction of finding it. It's only $20. :)
    14. My husband has a nice metal gun carry case that I've been eyeing lately.. These cases aren't cheap but how much for "peace of mind". Most of these gun cases have foam inside and combination locks on the outside. Not sure if they could fit inside yet another suitcase but boy are they sturdy. Just a thought.. Janel
    15. Well I tried it with Ryu (Dod TToo) today to see if he would fit in my flute case... and he fits XD A bit snugly but it works alright ^^ But my flute case does run pretty small as far as flutes go so maybe finding one from a different company?

      Good luck with your case hunt. I'm looking as welll >< I may have to go and just make one for him --"
    16. Ooo, I didn't think of gun cases... My daddy has a ginormous collection of guns (an entire gun safe full and more @_@) but I know most the cases would be unnecessarily large. But they do have nice foam inside that would mould to fit her, probably... x3

      I didn't think of some of these options! I'll keep my eye out and see if I can find anything mentioned at my local stores. ^^~ I like the idea of getting a normal old case and then cutting the foam to fit... So much less expensive!
    17. Maybe you could find an old sax case or something in the classifieds or pawn shop? I was eyeing my old sax case for my CP Ani in case I have to travel with her on the bus to Michigan. :-D
    18. volks sells violin cases for msd. they are so wonderful! i saw them in person and i wanted to get one for my boy, but they are too small for sd13 boys.

      they are hard, and even have a little area to store things in.
    19. A cheaper alternative would be to go and make your own case with an old violin case... There was a tutorial around here somewhere. I'll try and find it for you ^^