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Carry Cases for Tinies

Dec 28, 2005

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    2. I don't have her myself, but I would guess that a little purse stuffed with some thin pillows (a la the ones in DOD carry cases) might work well? (I have a purse that I keep, always telling myself, it'll be the perfect carry case if I ever get a tiny! despite not having any intentions of getting a tiny.)
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    4. Barbie collectors come in all sizes, ages, and willingnesses to deal with pink. ^^;;; I would imagine the higher end barbies (silktones and such) might have some classy carriers made for the targeted older collectors. Maybe take a look around ebay and see.

      All else fails, there's someone on the board who makes cutom carriers, maybe s/he can make a small one for your Uyoo
    5. I stuff a couple cusions in my Very Bradley "Handbag" style purse, which is the perfect size for my Rengemaru. He has some room too~ I don't know how big Uyoo is, but she can't be much larger than him...

      It's stylish and cute too xD;
    6. If you're looking on ebay you might want to remember Fashion Royalty = Barbie sized. They showed an awsome box purse style carrier in Haute Doll, unfortunately it was extremely limited.

    7. I would like to hear what kind of cases people have found or made for carrying or transporting multiple tinies.

    8. When I went shopping with my mother-in-law, I mentioned I was looking for somthing to hold my min, lyn and fine w, and she dug through her closet and found a vintage super small latching picnic basket (folds in half like a suitcase). It fits them divinely! I still have to line it with the ivory brocade she handed over, and put some ties in to fasten the girls in securely, but it's small, and super cute! It even has enough room to throw in a 1/6 doll as well!

      I just picked up a pink sequinned hardshell eyeglasses case today at target for my min when I transport her by herself... looks big enough to have both min and lyn fitting comfy...

      I'm also converting a round small traincase I picked up during the xmas clearance for the same purpose....It's big enough for all my tiny girls!
    9. Gads, that's a great idea!!!

      I must go search for eyeglass cases now!!!
    10. Yeah, Rosa's husband was getting a hardcase for his sunglasses and thought it would be good for Rosa and my tiny little dolls...so he picked one up for her and one for me... He's pretty thoughtful that way...

      So I wanted a flashy one...so the pink was the way to go for my second one...you can't miss that when routing though a bag!

    11. I make doll baggies I can post a few pics of the bag I made for my Cutie delf cory ^_^
    12. My dollar store has some of the eyeglass cases. I know that a Nari Pon fits in well and probably the Elf dolls as well.
    13. My PFs Yuki and Yuzu get transported around in my old digital camera case. It's padded to protect a digital camera, has a strap and is light weight. Usually I wrap them in a cotton napkin as well just in case the case could stain them.
    14. I use an old flute carrier that was too short to fit my current one. It works very wonderfully, as there's plenty of room to fit in pillows and perhaps a goodie for my Cutie Delf.
    15. Well I was carrying my tiny around in a travel soap dish that fit into my purse. That's what i took her in when i was in disneyland last september. but then while i was at disneyland i found the cutest little case at a mini mart across the street from the park and just had to buy it. It was only a couple of bucks too.

      I cushion her in there with some fuzzy socks i found at jc penneys for like 2 bucks.
    16. I love that tinkerbell case:-)

      My Pon came in a small metal suitcase , I use that for my tinys :daisy
      abd the wooden box my Elf came in for my Elf size of PFs
    17. Soom actually make a carrier for Uyoo which is about $35 I think. They are out of stock at the moment but if you order an Uyoo you get a carrier free. I know cos I just ordered one! Will share pics of doll and carrier when they arrive...why can't it be today!
    18. I'd love a Tinkerbell Case. Just love PINK. Can't you tell? Hee, hee. I have used my hard shell tote bag which carries bottles etc. and is part of a luggage set I have. It's bright pink with purple handle and clasps. I can carry lots in there, but it's very bulky and heavy even empty. I also have a small hard plastic case that came with art supplies and is about the size of a lunch box. I can fit my Ru and a couple of tinies in there with a cushion. It's a lovely sparkly purple and pink. Sweet! I prefer a hard case as it's not likely to get squished.
      I like the idea of a glasses case for just one, though. I couldn't get my PF to fit in one as her head is too big.
      Show pix of your bags, belladurmiente87. It sounds interesting.
      Carrie, do all the Pon's and Ssin come in a metal case?
    19. I am such a Tinker Bell fan I *love* that case, MysteryAya. I'd also like to see your cases, belladurmiente87. :daisy
    20. LOL....y'all can come over my house, then. Been collecting Tinker Bell items for 36 years. :)

      My Ru came with a case, so usually if it's more than just one of the tinys, I put them all in there. I will pick up a clamshell eyglass case for transporting one/two of them for short trips.

      What a cutie-pie Lillica, MysteryAya, I love the wig you have on her.