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Carrying your dolls out of their bags?

Apr 21, 2018

    1. I’m going to ldoll in October and it’s my first convention. I’m taking a doll who’s 68cm but in the exhibition hall I want him out of the bag and I’ll probably be walking around all day. Do people just carry them in their hands? I’m wondering if it’d be really weird to make a shoulder strap with a little harness so that he could be carried hands free...

      What do most people do?
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    2. I haven't been to a convention with my dolls before. Mostly because I'm paranoid and lazy. But, the last time I did go, at the time I was like 14 and hadn't discovered the hobby yet. I thought it was really weird that this woman was pushing a baby stroller. I couldn't figure out which anime she was from and back then smart phones weren't really a thing. Inside the stroller was like six or seven bjds. At the time I just thought it was her character and obviously now I get it. I think honestly that was awesome. Lol

      Ok, back from memory lane. If you're planning to walk around all day with your doll, eventually he's going to feel pretty heavy. The last time I took one of my 60cm girls to a Meetup, we had to wait around for a while and I had her in a bag that got kinda heavy after a while. I honestly can't imagine carrying her constantly out of the bag and in my arm. So, my advice would be to have a carrier handy. There maybe times when you need to use a restroom or have to eat and you won't want to have to be holding your doll through that. And hand sanitizer is key.

      As for the harness and strap, I think that's basically the same as a carrier in my opinion. I think it's a good idea. Though, youdy have to be careful when walking that you and/or others don't bump into things/others/him. You wouldn't want his faceup to get scratched or him dented because of a zipper or a unforseen table around the corner. (I learned that one the hard way. In my own living room!!! Lol)

      With that said, I hope you enjoy Idoll! You'll have to take lots of pictures :)
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    3. While I've never taken a doll to a convention, I do have experience carrying one around in my arms all day. I was doing some sightseeing and knew I'd want a lot of pictures of my Dollzone Brant (65 cm), so rather than fuss with taking him out of a bag and putting him back in repeatedly, I decided to carry him... Long story short, it was a huge relief to finally put him away :sweat I think I carried him in my arms for about six hours. I love my doll to death and had a wonderful time with him, but he got pretty heavy after a while. It didn't help that I had to also juggle a purse on my arm.
      I would say it's doable, but think about what else you might be carrying with you and maybe include some break time where you can sit him down and rest your arms (or bring a friend who is willing to hold him for a while :)). The shoulder strap/harness sounds like a cool idea. I think, especially if you're going to a doll convention, more people might like your ingenuity than think it's weird :kitty2
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    4. Thanks for the advice! I’ve never carried him about for that long and I see how it might get tiring! Luckily I don’t have any bags that aren’t on my back or shoulders (I never have a handbag/purse). I’ll probably have a rucksack. Luckily, my mum is coming as well and she can hold him if I go to the bathroom etc. ^_^

      I think he can sit in my rucksack if there’s not much else in it. Otherwise I’ll have to look at getting a doll carrier (I don’t have one), though I’ve heard yoga bags work. I might try the harness as well, though, see how it works. The doll I’m taking (Teo) is a custom sculpt and minimum cast order was ten. As a result, I’m not as precious with him because I have nine duplicates and all his customisation was done by me. I am worried about getting g tired though: I have joint problems and I don’t want to be in pain!
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    5. Maybe something could be rigged from an arm sling? I just checked and there’s one for $6 on Walmart.com. That might allow you to adjust the height where he would be supported against you.

      You could check at a local drugstore (not sure where you’re from), in the area where they have knee/ wrist/back braces and see if there’s anything.
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    6. I had a look at them! Might work actually...

      My mum has suggested a piece of fabric, baby-sling style! XD
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    7. I brought my Doll Chateau Jason (51 cm but very skinny) to the International Doll and Teddy Show last year. I carried him around the exhibition hall. I didn't stay for the entire day, but my arms didn't get tired. People took notice of him and liked him. :) I brought a large bag to put him in if necessary, and my mom was also with me.

      I also took my DollZone Ying (70 cm) to an anime convention by myself. I didn't stay for the entire day then, either, but he was more difficult to manage than Jason. He was also heavier, and I think my arms did get tired from carrying him. It helps if you have a bag to put him in if you need to use both hands for something and if you go with someone you trust to hold him. :)
    8. I took my Resinsoul Mei to a convention a year or two ago and dressed her up in a cosplay! I carried her around in my arms, but it does get a bit awkward when you're also trying to buy things and you have to constantly adjust them. Honestly, it might be easiest to rig up some sort of baby sling like your mom suggested. Just make sure to not put it entirely around your neck to hang it, or the doll's weight will strain your neck and you could get sore! And the worst thing for a convention is a sore neck.
    9. Yeah, I think I’m gonna go with my mum’s idea! I’ll ptobably use my shoulders to take the weight rather than my neck. Ldoll is a two day convention and I really want to take Teo but carrying him in my arms the whole time would be awful. There’s two of us going, so I can share the load if I need to. :)
    10. I just got back from a doll convention earlier this week, and the answer on how to carry your doll is: any way you want to! I saw people carrying them in their arms, in travel bags, in suitcases, in wagons, in baby strollers, in boxes. This con had a display area and a doll-sitting area where you could leave your dolls if you idn't want to carry them all day. On display, one person guarded them, but others were allowed to look, take pictures or handle the dolls. In doll-sitting, you places your dolls/doll things in a chair in the headquarters room, got a ticket with a number to claim your stuff, and could pick up your stuff or leave more through out the day. I took advantage of both the doll-sitting and display area, as even my 60cm boy made my arm nearly fall off after a couple of hours, and he was really going to be in my way in the dealer room, afternoon tea and lunch.

      If you don't feel safe leaving your doll out of your site, I think a combination of openly carrying him or a doll carrier would be a good idea. Also, if you're driving to the con, weather is nice enough (not too hot or cold) and you're allowed to enter and exit as you please all day, you could stick him in the truck if needed. I did that with a body I bought and didn't feel like carrying or leaving in headquarters.
    11. i felt that way about taking my dolls out at conventions. like would my doll be damaged during the long trip, how do i carry her through the crowd, yatta yatta...

      until one day, i decided take my girl to a convention. fyi, i don't even have a special carrier bag, so for the journey i bundled her up in a pillow & secured it nicely, & put her in my luggage bag. i only took her out at the convention & dressed her up. that day as i was sitting at a table, i had her on display as my little sales assistant. good thing that the people at the convention mostly followed the rules, & didn't touch or take pictures of her without my consent. & when i go for a walk around the convention, i took her along with me. people there are pretty much used to the sight of people carrying dolls so most didn't mind that much, & if there are some that were gawking, well what do i care it's a manga/anime/hobby convention so everyone is dressed up & doing weird stuff that they don't do in real life. & for the journey back, i bundled her up again & she made it through 2 days of being far away from home just fine. ^^

      & that's my story... i don't worry that much anymore now that i've done it. my 2nd girl haven't been outside of the house yet, so i'm thinking of taking her out for a trip to a real doll convention when i have the chance.
    12. Ever since I got my dolls, I've wanted to have something like a baby carrier, but sized for my dolls. However, I'm not sure such a thing exists... I suppose I could make one, but I do not yet have the skill. To make something where I'd feel they were secure enough, anyway.
    13. I won’t have a stall or anywhere to safely leave him (I wouldn’t leave him with people I don’t know), so I’ll have to carry him all day and I have joint problems so it’s difficult for me.

      To be honest, for the flight he’s probably going in my rucksack, sitting down. I can pad clothes around him if I need to. I wouldn’t trust putting him in the suitcase. Maybe I’m nervous because it’s my first time taking a doll out in public!

      That’s what I was planning. I bought strong canvas strapping, about an inch wide, and some plastic buckles like you get on luggage straps. I have a sewing awl, which will securely sew thick material. Aim is to make shoulder straps for me, then a little harness for the doll. I even managed to get a three way buckle. He should be pretty secure in there. :whee:

      Update: So I got some webbing (like seat belt material) and I managed to make Teo’s part of the harness. It’s adjustable, so I should be able to fit other dolls in there too. It’s like a climbing harness, that goes over the shoulders and between the legs, with a belt around the waist. All this is fastened with two plastic buckles in front.

      Next part is making the bit that goes on me!
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    14. i think the carrier is an excellent idea. you can free your hands to do other stuff, & still have them close to you. yeah, taking your doll out & about is a bit unnerving the first time, but once you've done it, it will be just fine. ^^
    15. So this question stems from my wish to carry my 70cm doll around on fairs or, if there ever is one near my place, meets. Perhaps even to photoshoots I'll do on my own, who knows. I know some people carry their dolls on their arms, and i have recently bought a wicker basket where he can sit comfortably. No idea what it'll be like to carry him around all day though. What do you guys do? How do you carry your (large) dolls around and what is your experience?

      Picture of Lysander in the new basket:
      Good idea or not?
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    16. I have never carried my SD in my arms...
      He's always been in his case on my back and even that got a little heavy for me after a while!
      Even carrying my MSD in my arms made me regret it the next day...

      I hope you have stronger arms than I do! ;)
    17. The largest doll I took around on trips was my Dollstown Hue, Shigure. He was 65 cm tall and was a solid guy. But I took him on car trips so getting out for a bit of walking with him in backpack wasn't hard.
      Now as for all day carrying, on bikes and at Disney World my Dollstown Elf girl was another matter. She doesn't weigh as much as Shigure but like I said I didn't carry him all day. After four days at Disney World I decided there would be a travel very far and lots of walking dolls and local trips to Gardens and such dolls. I take Eddie my Bishonen House Steve or smaller dolls on the big adventure trips, and the big guys get to dress up and go to gardens and local parks.
      As for how to carry them, backpack for the big trips as then carry camera, water and such. For local trips I can do the very large doll bags and wear camera.

      It will take you to decide what you can handle, I am fast approaching 61 so it's better for my arthritis to keep it simple. But I love looking at my trip photos and see those great shots I took especially of my Shigure back when we traveled so much.
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    18. Since I only ever take one doll out at a time I don't really need massive carrying cases.
      For smaller dolls (like 1/4 size) I have a picnic basket for them. I like that there's a cover and picnic baskets are pretty deep so I can take whatever accessories I need. Before the picnic basket I used to use an old baby bag, since they're huge and have a million pockets.
      My larger dolls (1/3) I have a themed duffle bag that I use. I made pillow inserts and stitched it to the inside so that it's padded and not just a bare bag on the inside.

      But I've been looking for an old hard case that I could maybe convert into a multi-size doll carrier.
    19. @Qianna I thing carrying your doll in a wicker basket is an excellent idea! He looks so cute and I love how he's crossing his legs to fit in :whee:
      But I'd be very careful with this basket since it seems to be quite easy to knock your doll out of it or get something stuck in his hair. Maybe a slightly bigger wicker basket would a be safer idea?
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    20. I rea thinking about securing him with some extra ribbons. Didn't find a bigger baker but I'll look for one. Thanks for the compliment and tips. ;)