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Case for Unoa?

Nov 10, 2006

    1. Does anyone know where I can buy a cheap but nice case to keep my unoa sist in? I have seen some lovely ones for over $65 but I don't really want to spend that much because I am in Australia and the shipping will be alot as it is. I would go searching through all the stores but it would be great if someone happens to be able to point me in the right direction. I have had a few occations where I have wanted to take my doll with me but I am worried to carry her without protection and her box is not easy to transport around as it hasn't got a handle.

    2. Hi Juliette,

      I was just ordering some stuff off Luts and I caved and bought their MSD-sized bag for my U-noa.

      I had this idea to use a plumbing pipe or something like that, and kit it out and add a handle, as a cylinder struck me as the most sturdy carrying shape I could think of. But I ended up deciding that time is against me at the moment and I might *never* get around to making it!! But then I saw this on Y!J and thought "oh wow! it wasn't such a stupid idea!!!"


      Oh, and people use violin cases, you know. Add in some velcro strapping to pin the doll to the bottom and all.


    3. I never understand why with small dolls people dont just buy a purse they like. I have taken the cushions that come with my dolls sewed up 3 sides, slip the doll in there and then put them in a bag. I also have a flute case that makes a nice carrier. they are a little padded even.
    4. Has anyone used the 18-20" Franklin Mint cases for their MSD sized dolls? I've seen some for Jackie O, Marylin, etc on ebay and I'm wondering how they fit.
    5. Don't some of the Franklin cases have rather narrow spots for the dolls, sometimes over a storage area? I remember looking at those cases a couple of years ago - I thought I decided there was not enough room in many of the cases for the doll I had to fit (but not sure). I ended up getting a pink suede covered Gotz case - it was about 7x7 on the small end and about 18 inches high. I picked it up on Ebay (was not sold anymore). My doll is not a Unoa BTW - she is another slim MSD. I padded the doll side with white terry hand towels and tied her into the box - the towels kept her from sliding around (the doll space was that whole side of the case).

    6. I have a flute case too but it is only about 38cm long. I've not seen them longer than that before.

    7. Mine is 17 1/2 inches or 44.5 cm long. It is a soft case for the hard case. If that makes any sense at all. But it is padded with a furry fabric. I can zip my narae or unoa in it. It came with my flute which is an armstrong. I usually just carry the hard case and music in a totebag. sorry really off topic.
    8. Try doing a search on eaby for 16, 17 or 18" doll trunks.
    9. I have a Tyler case for mine.
    10. Dollmore has lovely bags, and some only are only 43 dollars ;)