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Castle Anne Kids Preorder

Oct 16, 2007


      Castleanne is having a pre-order event for the new Kids line.

      Selection of the Kids are possible in options.
      Set includes
      - Doll
      - 14 mm eyes (colors vary by type, please refer to the images in the Basic line)
      - Outfit : mini cocoon dress, leggings, hairband, customizable slipper parts
      - Wig (bobcut black)

      The slipper parts are the same color as the body and may be customized as you wish.
      (These slippers will be available for separate purchase after the pre-order event.)

      This is a limited edition of 50 dolls. Orders will be taken from Oct 16th 2007 (0:00) to Oct 23rd 2007 (24:00). (Korean time)
      In the case of remaining dolls after the order period, the price will return to its normal $400
      Shipping will start on November 1st, 2007. Shipping order is based on payment order.
      Shipping costs will be informed individually by email after order.


      Castle Anne Website