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Castle Anne vs. MiniFee? [I can't choose my baby! ;3;]

May 25, 2008

    1. I love both MiniFee Shushu and Castle Anne's Anne. Both have curvy bodies.~
      However, I like the tan Anne vs. normal skin Shushu, and I can't choose! D;

      Does anyone know the pros and cons of each? I know Castle Anne has floppy
      bodies, and that the tan resin is hard to get a hold of. I don't know of any cons
      of Minifees, though. Does anyone want to enlighten me, please? ;D ilu guys. <3

      (I really hope this is in the right forum. e_e I apologize if it isn't, I get confused easily.)
    2. It's funny, but I was caught in this same dilemma just recently! I finally chose Castle Anne because I love how she looks with different faceups - she's incredibly different with each one. A very versatile sculpt! And she's sweet, but can be sassy looking at the same time. I love her curvey body, and her hands. And...she was available from a doll shop here in the states, and was really reasonably priced! She will get a new faceup, to be who I see her character as. But even if she's floppy, I don't mind - my first Narae was and still is a bit floppy, and I find it useful in posing her.

      I was seriously going to buy Shushu, and I still think she's darling - love the active body and the magnetic hands! I may get one at some point, but the ease of buying Castle Anne from a doll shop in the states really helped me make up my mind. Less expensive shipping...easy credit card purchase...a shop that I can talk with...it really just firmed up the decision for me.

      I spent a long time researching both dolls, and staring at owners pictures. Both dolls are wonderful, so I doubt you could go wrong either way. You need to decide what is most important to you - default faceup, or a certain sculpt for a faceup to be done...and then decide which body gives you the posing/attitude that you're looking for. I love the pics of Castle Anne standing in her outfits - I think she's adorable! And there are some owner pics of her that really put me over the edge of the decision making. Shushu has a ton of great owner pics, too. I don't know - something about Castle Anne just won me over. But I'm sure you'll hear the same from Shushu owners.

      One thing - I was told that CA isn't making tanned dolls right now, so I don't know how long you'd need to wait to get one, or if you'd need to look on the secondary market. I haven't seen any tanned CA's showing up for sale, or I might have snapped her up. But I like the normal skintone as well, so it wasn't an issue for me. In any case...the tanned not being available might affect your decision.

      I'm not sure if this helped or made it more difficult for you! Lol... Let us know what you decide!
    3. Yeah, I've seen some owner pictures of them and I love them both to death. D:
      I wish Castle Anne were making tanned dolls right now. I want her so bad. ;3;
      I will admit I like her body more, I think, but I do like the Minifees' cleavage. x]

      You did help, darling! Now I know Anne is more versatile than Shushu, I think.~
      One question, though: do you know if I'd be able to get a custom faceup with DDE?
    4. I'm not sure about a custom faceup buying through DDE, but if not, you could ask Castle Anne if they'll do it, if you're buying through their site. I didn't check into it, because I have someone who will be doing her faceup... You may want to think of getting her from DDE anyway, because she comes with a faceup, and then you can decide if you want to add to it or remove it and have a new one done. There's lots of artists available! :)

    5. ;O I'll definitely look into that. <3 We shall see.~
      Thanks for all your help, darlin'! You're a life saver.

      But now I've added Bobobie Sprite to my list. D:
      I don't think I'm ever going to be able to decide...
    6. As StephG said, you will hear the same from Shushu owners, and here is the flip side of the coin. ^^;; I think the Shushu is also a very versatile mould, depending on what faceup she has, clothing, wig, etc. I'm not an expert on the Castle Anne, so I couldn't say about her, but I own a Shushu and I love her dearly. She has a very natural faceup and I think she looks very different from Shushus I've seen with faceups that either appear to have them with "more makeup" or freckles, etc.

      After taking a look at Annes in the Gallery, I see what StephG meant about Anne being versatile though. She's very beautiful. In the end, it comes down to which mould really hits the right chord for you. I'm going to assume she's not being bought to fill the role of a specific character, so I'll ask the question I have a tendency to ask of future doll owners lately: if you could only ever have ONE doll, which of the ones on your list would you pick? Or at least, which would you be most likely to regret not ever owning? The world is ending, you can only take one doll with you on the spaceship going to your new home. Which doll do you pick? XD If you're looking for versatility, Shushu and Anne both have it. Both are cute, although Annes nose is flatter where Shushus is slopey. Both have good busts, but Shushu has a HUGE butt. ^^;

      For an actual con for Shushu-- and I've heard with many MNFs in general-- they tend to be very kicky. Vana certainly is. XP Nothing a good sueding can't fix, but I figured I would mention it anyway. I, personally, love my girl and wouldn't trade her for anything. But it might just be that in the end Anne, or Sprite, will serve as a better fit for your taste in dolls.
    7. What I don't like about Sprite is her body. I prefer two-piece torsos instead of three. :3
      I kind-of wanted to buy a white Sprite to practice faceups on, because she's perfectly priced.
      But her body is something I don't like. Maybe I could just get her head? xD We'll see. <3

      Psychotic, you helped me a lot! The end-of-the-world situation is pretty imaginative, and
      it helped lots. I think I like Anne more, after all (though Shushu is definitely next on my list!)
    8. I just bought my first BJD and there were several that I really liked but I just kept looking and thinking about it and finally I bought the one that kept coming back to me. I really came down to which one kept coming back to me. I loved her face and something about her really struck me. She wasn't the "best" doll out there but she was the "best" one for me. I know that my next doll will be someone different but this one was the one that stuck with me this time. Hope this helps.

    9. Despite the fact that this thread was posted a loooong time ago, I'm gonna throw in my two cents. If you've got a job, getting the available one now and saving for the one that you'd have to wait for anyways is what i'd do.
    10. If the tanned Anne is available, I would snap her up. you can always get Shushu later, she's not limited. They're both stunning sculpts. I love my MNFs and I haven't seen a Castle Anne in person, but from the pictures i'm really impressed! I say get Anne.