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[Castleanne] Boy (Tanned)

Sep 18, 2010

    1. [​IMG]
      Model by Hwa-rang(Tanned Skin)

      Junior Boy Size Information
      height 44.5 cm
      head 6.5 inch
      bust 18 cm
      waste 8.5 cm
      hip 18.5cm
      feet 5.3cm
      eyes 10mm


      This is Castleanne~

      Boy who is released first time will be shown to you.

      We will receive preorder on 25th, so make order after looking pictures.

      Thank you.

      http://castleanne.com International Shop

      http://castleanne.co.kr Official Website​
    2. Wow!! He looks great!
      Where I see more pics?
    3. a very interesting young man and mature!
      Tell me please, while the other two boys, ZIN, and Min-Ho is also tanned? and when they become available?
    4. I love his face! Where is he on your website?
    5. Hi~
      boys(Min-ho, Hwa-rang, Zin) will be released with Tanning Version & Normal version. :)
      Thank you
    6. Hi~
      Maybe 25th~30th
      We will update you with more specifics when progress is settled.
      Thank you
    7. Pre-Order Start!

      Hello, This is castleanne.

      The pre-order period is from 25th to October 10th.

      Shipping will be started from October 15th and it will be arranged in order of payment.

      During the pre-order period, Boy's price is $400, including wig(ramdomly), and after the period, they will be sold on normal price($430).
      (Pre-order will go along at Option section. Please check the Option section.)

      Thank you
    8. The pre-order seems to be just for "creamy" colored dolls...

      Will there no longer be tan versions of the boy available?
    9. Three different computers, different browsers, and I eliminated all obvious causes and still can't see the international shop website since the boys have been put up for sale. I only get a Korean error message. Korean shop website and official site I can see.

      Does anyone experience the same problems with Castle Anne?
    10. -News
      Now, access is impossible becuase there is problem of shopping mall Hosting service company.
      We tried to contact with company but it is hard to take action because of weekend.
      We will extend pre-order period because of inaccessible time and we will make period announcement again.
      Sorry for this inconvenient.


      Now we are not use layaway service system. I feel sorry.

      We will take order of Boys in Latte color version at October 10th.(Small Quantity)

      Also, at same day, Girls in Latte color can be ordered.(Small Quantity)

      Do you have any question? -> castleanne_biz@hotmail.com
    11. Notifications!
      We are very sorry about this, but there's been a problem with the Shopping mall hosting system.
      We fixed the problem we had with the system.
      Very Sorry for this inconvenient.
    12. Do you have plans to sell the heads seperately?
    13. Yes. But, is only Normal Color(creamy)

      Have a nice day~
    14. [​IMG]
      Tanned Hwa-rang
      Tanned Girls(This pic is laurent)​

      * We will take order because tanning dolls are prepared earlier than we expected. Please make order from 5th after checking the image.[from 5th 7(PM) o'clock <- on the Korean time]
      We tried to offer dolls to many people, but production is so difficult that we feel sorry about small quantity.
    15. as well! a sweet color:))) especially Hwa-rang
      please tell me a latte guy will be sold only in this set. with extra hands?
      And where is tinted Min-Ho and Zin?

      forgot the main thing --he has a ordinary hand in the set?
    16. Hello, This is castleanne
      There will be included Normal Hand Parts + Extra hand Parts.
      In this time, only Hwa-rang's head is included. We will sell each head by turns whenever we have plan to release tanning version.