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CastleAnne - Ladyline Dolls

Nov 17, 2008

    1. CastleAnne is releasing a new set of dolls in their Ladyline size (which I believe is 1/3, but the details are scarce right now).

      There are already photos of Terez, Yvonne, Violet and Beatrice, and a space for Moon.


      As well as parts.

      Looks like more info should be available today. :)
    2. Information

      Height : 60Cm

      Head : 21.5Cm / 8.5 Inch

      Bust : 24Cm

      Waste : 16.3

      Hip : 25

      Feet : 7Cm / Heel Parts : 7.5Cm

      Eyes : 14mm(Beatrice : 12mm)

      Still no prices up. *angstangstangst*
    3. click on Lady on the lft menu and it brings up all of them, with prices ($560). They have also posted Moon which is a dreamy half-eyed face.
      I could not find any nude body pics.
    4. Nude body pics are under Parts --> Lady. The body is $380.
    5. I visited in the Freemarket, doll festival in Korea.
      I took picture of Castleanne's booth there.
      I saw the brand-new 60cm type dolls. As I see, violet was the most beautiful one.
      also tanned Victoria is very beautiful too!
      See the pics :D
    6. Amore, can you tell me which sculpt is the third one down? In the red leggings with the brown hair? She's amazing!
    7. Ah~

      That's a Castleanne Junior-Type(42cm), Laurent~

      http://castleanne.com <- Click here and, search Laurent

      She's Very Cute :D