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CastleAnne - Limited Tanning Dolls

Sep 5, 2008

    1. http://castleanne.com/

      September castleanne news.

      Greetings this is castleanne.
      An advance sale of Junior Tanning starts from september 4.
      When confirmation of payment is finished. Delivering will be starts from September 22 by the order of confirmation.
      From now on tanning products will be released as limited edition only with various colors.
      This coming color is cocoapink, gorgeous skin color of cocoa and pink mixed color.
      Product types for this limited edition, head will be Laurent and Victoria, body will be perfect body.
      This comming junior tanning is made of much better materials and technique, it is flat and surface feels like ceramic ware.
      Junior tanning takes lots of for producing and preparation so that it will be produced by a small quantity ans released as a limited edition.
      There's only few numbers of them you better not miss the chance.
      You can meet Junior tanning in Exclusive section.

    2. Images of the Cocoapink are up at the site (both Laurant and Victoria). Here's one of Victoria: