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[Castleanne] Package Event

Nov 25, 2010

    1. Hello, This is castleanne

      Each type of package goods are updated at event section.

      And, Skinny cat lines were stocked.

      (The period is during November 25, 2010, to December 31.(Korea time))


    2. Will the Skinny Cat Fairy Rang be back in stock soon?
    3. Yes. Skinny cat Rang were stocked.(Please check the Skinnycat section.)
      and Tanning version of Rang are starting to product.
    4. at skinnycat section, the stock name is "Skinny cat Body ver.". you can choose a head type among three types.(tamtam, boh, rang)
      but is only freckle makeup head available now.
    5. But is that human Rang with normal ears or fairy Rang with pointy ears coz it looks like the human version.
    6. but Rang is only fairy version so that rang has a pointy ears too. it is a Fairy Rang :)