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Castleanne] Tanned Skinny Cat

Dec 2, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello~ this is Castleanne

      They are New Castleanne Family!

      Come to CastleAnne and see them! :)

      Thank You~

    2. Rank - glamorous beauty from the magazine cover:))))

      But... Tamtam will be available in tanned version?
    3. ilsonya, and all, this is an Event Special, that comes with both heads. The body and both heads are in the tanned skintone.
    4. Where can we find pictures of the skinny cat body ?
    5. Here :http://castleanne.com/
      It is in the "kids" section of the Parts section. For some reason I can't get the URL to go right to it, but if you go to International Shop, then look in Parts under Kids, it's the first one listed.
    6. Stella Maris, I see that this Event.:)))
      I wanted to ask whether the same Event (or Event, silt another sale) dark TamTam.
      But I write with an automatic translator, and does not get what I want.

      For example, I do not know now, I wrote what I wanted to say or not ...
    7. The moderators are discussing these dolls for topicness.
    8. These dolls (the Castleanne "Skinny Cat" line, including Boh, Rang, and TamTam) are not on-topic for Den of Angels.