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Cat and Dog petdolls

Jun 30, 2006

    1. you all might want to check this out.
      it's a Ball jointed pet doll.


      the cat costs a little more than the dog.
      all comes in unfinished and finished kit.

      in my personal opinion, it needs to be worked on the joints a little more.
      i don't like the way how these pets are sitting.
    2. I second this question. How much are they I couldnt find prices on the page?
    3. There are pics of 3 different kitties right now....
    4. Alot of thought went into the posing of those two...where is the price? is there an orderform? (group order? :D?)
    5. I translated a part of the page that talks about an individual color of an individual cat, and it was 270,000 won. I used google to convert that, and it is about 281.93 U.S. dollars. I'm gonna see if the dogs are the same...

      Edit: This was copied and translated from one of the painted dog's page.
      It ladles and it is the style B. The eyeball comes to send being assembled with a random. Height: 17cm Length: 21m Eyeball: 14 mm Moulding: Three equinox toes (pebble + phu li American English) coloring: Acryl dyestuffs + color pencil + green onion su theyl Price: 250000 won(261.04 USD) (it is Taeg arrangement inclusion.)
    6. Oriental (cat)
      Finished kit:USD 305.62
      Unifinished kit: USD 179.15

      Pug (dog)
      Finished kit: USD 284.54
      Unifinished kit: USD 158.08

      They are stringed (well only for the finished kits) and you can paint them.
      They need eyes etc, similar to a normal BJD.
      oh yeah, for the whiskers, they are optional.
      all prices are only the approximates. If you really wish to order them, PM me.
      I will contact the seller for you and give you the exact price. only once the site is back up.:)
    7. when I saw this post last nite I quickly went to the site and got to see just the kitty {that was what I was interested in} and it looked pretty kewl...kind of like the robo kitty toy that came out..but in resin form.. then when I went back to the site minutes later it was gone....
      the joints were all articulated and tail kind of reminded me of the an armature I use for my hound, all jointed..
      the head was more realistic than the mau heads, really reminded me of the robopets..
    8. And the pug was pretty pug-like. Less joints (the cat had a jointed tail and real whiskers) and the dog is mainly jointed at the hips and knees. It's a bit smoother than the cat in appearances and very easily identifiable as a pug.

    9. I threw copies up on my site - I'll leave them there until their site comes back up, or someone lets me know that this isn't appropriate






    10. So how do we order these? And will they ship to America?
    11. think I need a Cat!
      might need to Mod the head slightly :)
      I how on earth do you order the kits ?
    12. Where does it show the size? Someone had mentioned they are to scale with aBJDs? Which scale? 1/4, 1/3? those are amazingly cute... >_<
    13. Click on the name, which is a link, below the picture. For the cats, you get:

      &#53412;: 15 cm (5.91 inches)
      &#44600;&#51060;: 30.5 cm (12.01 inches)
      &#50504;&#44396;: 14 mm

    14. Pet-Doll is a new company that makes BDJ sized pets :D
      The homepage is down as of right now from too many hits -_- so I don't have the exact measurements/prices/material/or whether the artist ships overseas.
      From what I've seen around, they fit in human palm, and is custom-ordered.
      There are four kinds of pets, Pug, Oriental(cat), and Bumbai(I don't know what kind of animal this one is).
      I'll try to edit more info when the age is up~