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Cat-headed BJD (22cm Phantomdoll "Leviathan")

Sep 17, 2005

    1. He's limited to 7, but unfortunately it looks like he's not for sale yet:


      His info is at http://phantomdoll.com/main.html (click on "Phantom's Soldiers," then on "Angel's List").

    2. Wonderful.. I like him a lot. Very nice color.
    3. He looks like one of my cats! Yeah, my cat has fangs that are bigger than his mouth :lol:[​IMG]
    4. Ah, he's just like Volks's Baron, BJD friend :3
    5. Wouldn't he be cute with a Catsy? :D
    6. I'm pretty sure Ashbet is going to like this.. :D
    7. He's pretty cute, but what a name! *_* It almost gives him a creepy aura.
    8. All of the Phantomdolls are supposed to be named after either angelic or demonic figures, so Leviathan is supposed to be one of the "darker" figures.

      Phantom's plan is to make 7 "angels":


      and 7 "devils":


      So, since Leviathan is in the list of "devils," I think he's supposed to have more of a "creepy aura" than not. :daisy

    9. Aa, I didn't know that. That makes a lot more sense, though! I guess not all kitties are supposed to be cuties. :oops: Thanks so much for the explanation!
    10. Interesting.. I'm not sure if I like him or find him too 'rough' a sculpt.

      Although someone ought to tell him that Samael and Satan are the same being. The former name means 'poison of god' and was Satans name before the fall.
    11. Hahahahah!!! You've got me pegged!! ;)

      I love the idea and his coloring . . . I'm not a huge fan of the headsculpt, though, there's something about the forehead that's a little bulge-y for me. The ears are really cute, though, and the body is nice!! Just wish the head had a more catlike sculpt, as opposed to humanoid with cat features, if that makes sense!

      - -Andi :>
    12. ~Yup, it makes perfect sense! His head looks like giant daffodil bulb to me, :lol: , but he is really cute. I don't see him as evil at all but appereances can be deceiveing...
    13. O.O scary! O.O *shivers* don't know, it's just scary..maybe it's me..but that bald head, those big ears..and scary eyes..and that colour..scaaary *sobs*
    14. I liek the other angel scuplts, but they are a wee pricy for my tastes >.<
    15. I think he needs vertical pupil eyes, so he'd look more catlike.

      I quite like his dark points, but he'd be even better with dark points on his hands & feet.

      Awfully cute, though.
    16. I find him to be cute!
    17. What I'd like to know is how Phantom managed the overall uniform and darker ash color of the body and head--whether it's a painted, surface color, or whether the resin itself was colored in the mixing of it. The head and body seem to match very well, and I can't see any signs of patchiness at all throughout, so I'd be really interested to know how the color and uniformity have been achieved.

    18. hello,

      I adore BJD PHANTOM. :D

      Think that it will have of it soon other?

      Will it be necessary to wait a long time to see some of other of the série demon or angel?

      Do somebody know how one orders a BJD of PHANTOM?

      ps: sorry for my English. :oops:
    19. Hehe!!! you're the first person I thought of when I saw this! I like your's much better though! :daisy
    20. He looks more like a bat than a cat to me!

      Fantastic! I'd make him bat-wings!

      Lucy :D