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Catrita Feedback

Nov 15, 2009

    1. Please leave feedback for me here on DOA -- I have excellent feedback on ebay!


    2. Catrita brought a Pipos head from me, she paid promptly and displayed excellent communication. Was a pleasure doing business with! =D!
    3. She purchased a DZ Kay from me. Wonderful buyer! :) Understanding and patient. Would sell to again, definitely!
    4. Catrita had a layaway with me. She paid promptly and communicated well. An excellent buyer! Thanks much!
    5. Sold a Puki Fee to Catrita and it was a flawless, pleasant transaction. Catrita is a sweetheart and it was a pleasure - would do again. Thanks:)
    6. I bought a Catrita Yu Bobobie, paying very fast and shows excellent communication. It was a pleasure doing business with it ^ _ ^
    7. Catrita purchased a RS Red Ox from me and everything went perfectly! She paid super fast and even notified me when he arrived! Thank you so much ^_^
    8. I sold Catrina a DomaDoll Kkotmu. It was a flawless transaction. Great PMs and quick payment. Purrfect!!!
    9. I had an excellent transaction with catrita. She bought a Dollzone Mouse from me and everything went very smoothyly. Fast payment and terrific communication. Highly recommended to all. Thank you!!!
    10. I had an excellent transaction with Catrita. Communication was great, she paid promptly, and let me know when her doll arrived. I recommend her to anyone looking to do business with her in the future. Thank you so much!!
    11. I sold two fairyland multiheads to catrita. She was great to deal with. Paid fast and let me know when they arrived. Would definately recommend buying or selling with her.
    12. I recently sold a Pukifee sleeping Ante face plate to Catrita. The transaction was smooth as silk, I highly recommend her!
      Thanks! :)
    13. Just sold a PukiPuki PongPong to Rita. She was great with communication, paid immediately, and let me know ASAP when the doll arrived. All in all, a wonderfully smooth transaction. Would definitely deal with her again! Thanks so much for giving Pong a great home!
    14. Catrita bought a BBB Erin off of me. Great communication and speedy payment! Such a pleasure to do business with highly recommend her to other sellers out there. Thanks for giving the little one a new home!
    15. Catrita has given a new happy home to my Pipos Bao. She was friendly and communicated well, and made the payments for her layaway right on time. Would be happy to do business with her again!
    16. I traded my Nekomimi girl to Catrita for her Resinsoul Yu. Communication was very good and the trade went ultra smoothly. I would definitely recommend Catrita as a trade partner! :D
    17. Catrita bought a tiny from me. Her pm's were so much fun! She paid instantly, and was a total pleasure. You'll enjoy any transaction you have with her. Highly recommend!
    18. Catrita adopted catsy from me. not only a nice person but she paid quickly and was great to work with. a purrfect transaction>^..^<
    19. I sold a pair of SD boots to her and everything went absolutely perfect. Fast with payment, nice with PMs. A pleasure doing business with this buyer!!! :D
    20. Sold a Pipos Robin to Catrita, and everything went so smoothly and perfectly! She was fantastic through the whole process and I would definitely recommend her to someone else AND sell to her again ^_^