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Caught up in Christmas sales and Limited Event Releases.

Dec 26, 2015

    1. Hello Comunity. Merry Christmas.
      Just wanted to hear any words of advice you might want to spare on how YOU handle all these Christmas limited event dolls, and discounts and new releases. The reason I ask is, I AM GOING CRaZY! I want them all! I began this month of December with one very special doll (to me) on layaway, and now I have 3 layaways! All from different companies, all limited editions.....all dolls I did not want to miss out on. And the worst part is, I still want one more :). This is crazy. Do you guys hold out until your favourite company releases its Christmas events? Or do you restrain from buying more than one doll on Christmas? How do you manage? Also, if you have been going bonkers like I have, do share what you have bought this winter! I know I will feel better if I know I am not alone!
    2. I don't look. I try very hard not to look, lol. It's working better this year though Fairyland's Lunnula is tempting.
    3. Ahh, you are not alone! All these events made me crazy too! I seriously tried to holdout on them, but ended up ordering two just this month (and almost a third).:eek: I just couldn't resist another Soom doll, or the amazing sale that Little Monica is having. I guess silverholly's plan is the best, if you can't look, no temptation right? But congrats on your three new resin babies (and possibly a fourth ;))
    4. I like to plan my dolls in advance, and I rarely have enough money to impulse buy a doll, or even put one on layaway, so that saves me!

      This year, I had saved up just enough to make sure I got a tan Little Rebel Andre the day he was released. I eventually wanted to get him a body, but had no money. My husband didn't get me a big holiday gift, just money, so I got a Senior Delf Flood to use the body for the LR head, and I'll get an event head. Other than those, I've avoided holiday events/releases and stuck to my original plan.
    5. Saw a Doll Chateau Winter event and nearly went broke. I managed to pull myself together and SAVE FOR NEXT WINTER but.... My friend ended up buying it for me... =∆=;;;; I survived this winter. But will i survive the next? TUNE IN NEXT YEAR TO FIND OUT.
    6. One of the companies I plan on buying a body from is having a sale and it's very tempting to order the body now. However, I spent the last of my dolly cash last month and need to save for a trip so I'm (regretfully) on a dolly diet. It does make it a little easier that I recently received a doll I ordered back in August but even so, some of the deals being offered are soooooo tempting.
    7. Most events like this don't affect me much because I have the majority of my doll purchases planned beforehand. So unless one of the companies I plan to buy from anyways has an unexpected sale of some sorts, there's usually nothing I'd be interested in enough for many impulse purchases.
      That does happen sometimes though. However it's pretty much never more than one or so unplanned buys at a time so it's not really too much to shoulder.

      When I was new in the hobby I found all the events super interesting and dangerous too though, haha.
    8. I'm struggling with this myself as a newbie. I have my first ever bjd on the way from Souldoll and I was lucky enough that the winter event popped up so I am getting some lovely free clothes with her that I would never have bought at that price separately. However, I have a little voice in my head that keeps telling me to get a second doll now while the event is on rather than regretting it later arggghh! I have heard that most companies also have a summer event too so will try my best to hold out till then. I think the long wait times don't help with managing spend.
    9. I did order a doll that was a limited release, but the original teaser was put up in September so I had time to sell some items in order to purchase it. Otherwise, I'm not sure if I would have been able to afford it as I'm saving any extra money for my international trip in March. Unless it was a doll I had planned to purchase this year, the sales and event items would not entice me to buy.
    10. I feel your pain.. It's sooo hard to resist. But I've already bought my share of dolls this year, so I will have to skip these events. I try not to return to the pages to look at the dolls, because that is what makes me buy them in the end :p
    11. I always put a little bit of money on the side just in case there's a doll I really want on layaway.

      I bought the doll I really wanted this year so I wasn't as tempted to buy during the winter. There was one doll that I really wanted to buy but I was able to block it out because I have dolls I need to work on first.
    12. It was awful.

      I was in love with Switch's Holy ver. Seolrok. It was love at first sight and all
      However, the holidays left me completely money less. Guess I will have to wait for a re-release or search second hand.

      I also really liked Fairyland's Lunnula. Though,I was able to resist her.
    13. I got lucky this year. No one had any holiday specials or event heads that I really wanted, except DC... And their little Carol "bird-thing" was relatively inexpensive. I got off cheap. XD
      #13 Brightfires, Dec 27, 2015
      Last edited: Dec 28, 2015
    14. I bought my first doll during a winter sale, and will probably be getting another today or tomorrow. For me, it's a big deal to buy just one, so getting lots of dolls is out of the question.

      The sales definitely give me that extra push, though; I'll probably buy from a company having a sales event. For me, the dilemma is settling on that one doll. If I had my way, I would definitely bring home extra babies and save myself the heartache of having to choose!
    15. Wow! I'm thankfull for your replies. So many pieces of advice. I am actually learning a ton from you. I 've only been in the hobby for a year so I guess I am going crazy with the winter sales and new releases because It's the first time I've seen it happen. But I can see you guys have mastered your techniques all ready.

      Having a wish list must help a ton so you don't get carried away by new dolls, having a fixed budget sounds great too, so you are required to decide which doll to get. But its soooooo hard. It's like- you have your plans to buy this....but then that other one you really really like goes on sale. Or a new one comes out and you can just get her until January.....it's like the worst time of the entire year NOT to buy a new doll. Plus you,re like...."it's Christmas, I deserve a gift too...."

      So by the way..... In case you are interested, I did preorder the last doll I was considering...which by the way is a very incredibly beautiful cookie skin Olathe from Merry Doll Round. But it's only because I got some money for Christmas and was able to pay off my remaining balance for my Dollmore Alexia. :) so that worked out. But I am seriously never doing this again. I simply MUST plan ahead.
      And by the way girls, all of you who replied you were on the same boat as me, thank you soooo soooo much. It actually helps quite a lot to know you are not the only crazy lady spending all your moneys on dollies. @queenbijuu. :) you made me feel not alone!
    16. I was more caught up in last years sales and promotions than this year. At that time I was really starting to get into bjds and really wanted one. That one I fell in love with was on sale, so I thought it was my destiny to have her. However I backed out of buying her, and waited for another deal to come around from another place.

      This year however I have not been temped by any of companies' sales/promotions. I think it's because I'm only paying attention to companies I really, really like instead all the companies I know exist. I also have a more concrete idea for what kinds of dolls I want and what plans I have for them if I got them. I am however checking DDE to see that day when they get their Realfee Mari fullsets, because that's the doll I'm really after.
    17. Looking at the new releases are fun but I'm really really picky... This is what leads me not to buy those dolls. *cough cough* also the fact that I'm broke. ^^